What’s Your Weirdest Habit, According To Your Numerology Chart?

One of the core numbers in your personal numerology chart is the expression number.

This number relates to the way you make your mark in the word, it describes your strengths, talents, gifts, and the potential you hold deep inside, just waiting to be well, expressed!

Whilst it’s not as commonly discussed as the Life Path Number, it can, in many ways, be even more revealing as it holds many of the keys you need to unlock the mysteries of your outward expression in the world – of what you do actually each day and crucially, why you do it.

But as well as your everyday expressions of strength, talent, skill, and general genius, what this number also describes are your more curious and kooky qualities. It describes the things that you do and say and the ways you routinely operate in life that are a little stranger, odder and less likely to impress!

We all have quirks and habits that are such an intrinsic part of us, we probably don’t even notice them. Or maybe we do and go to great lengths to keep them hidden!

But perhaps these aren’t as random or unexplainable as previously thought?  Perhaps the expression numbers describes more than just the likeable, favourable and advantageous parts of ourselves, and also sheds light on your weird and wonderful side too?!

If you don’t already know what your expression number is, follow this link to our numerology calculator to find it out:

Expression Number Calculator

Then just for fun, and for the sake of a silly few minutes we’ve put together a guide to YOUR weirdest habits, according to your numerology!

And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone…!

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Weird Habits
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