What Each Zodiac Sign’s Stereotype Is VS. What Each Zodiac Sign Is Actually Like

Sometimes, you feel like your horoscope says one thing, but your heart says another. The things that you read about your zodiac sign don’t always match up with your real personality. This makes total sense—after all, astrology isn’t an exact science! It’s just something to have fun with, and your personality is never set in stone just because of where the stars were on the night you were born. Our horoscopes and descriptions of our signs can be eerily accurate sometimes, but every once in a while, you might read something that has you scratching your head and asking, “What? That’s not true!”

There are certain stereotypes about every sign. This is because each sign generally has a few core traits that really shine through. But our personalities are multifaceted, and as human beings, we’re growing and changing throughout our lives. You might not be the same person today that you were yesterday. Maybe your sign is “supposed” to be super sweet all the time, or incredibly confident, or quirky and artsy, and you just don’t feel like that fits you. Here is a stereotype of each zodiac sign—followed up with what they’re actually like deep down inside.

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24 Aries: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Aries, the ram, is a naturally stubborn sign—at least, that’s what every horoscope will tell you! On top of all that, they are very adventurous. They love to go off the beaten path and just explore what’s out there—no need for a road map, they can figure it out on their own, right? As far as relationships, if you don’t like what Aries is offering, you can see yourself out. They don’t need anyone who doesn’t need them, and being alone never bothers them. Plus, Aries is a very confident sign. They never falter, they can talk to anyone in the room, and they don’t suffer from moments of low self-esteem—not like the other signs do! But of course, no one can act this way all the time…

23 Aries: Reality

Source: Favim

First of all, yes, Aries has a confident exterior, but that does not mean they never feel insecure on the inside. And yes, they are very adventurous—but maybe “restless” would be a better word. In fact, one reason that Aries loves to travel and stay on the move is that they are very afraid of staying in one place, job, or stage in their life for too long and becoming stagnant. Yup, that’s right—Aries is actually a very fearful sign. They are constantly beating back that fear by acting more confident than they actually feel. And contrary to popular belief, their hearts are not bulletproof. After a break up, they don’t just dust themselves off and walk away—they cry and question themselves just like every other sign.

22 Taurus: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Taurus has it all together. No doubt about it, this sign doesn’t need help from anyone. If your best friend in high school was a Taurus, she probably got the best grades in class, made it into her dream school, and didn’t even seem to break a sweat doing it. And she even managed to look good every day on top of all of her hard work. Taurus always seems like she’s landing the coolest internships, working hard, and even managing to squeeze in a workout every day. Yup, this girl does not mess around. But what’s really going on underneath all of that? Can a human being really be that perfect? Taurus will be the first to tell you that the stereotypes are not always true…

21 Taurus: Reality

Source: Favim

The cool thing about Taurus is that are truly very independent and hardworking. But the major misconception about Taurus means that they don’t always get the help that they need. Basically, people assume that they have it all together, all the time, and they don’t notice when Taurus is actually struggling. But the truth is, Taurus does struggle more than anyone realizes. They have many moments of self-doubt because they often feel like they are working very hard to please everyone but themselves. Taurus often deals with anxiety and even feelings of depression—they simply never know if they are good enough o reach the high standards they have set for themselves. It often takes them a long time to balance who they are with who the world expects them to be.

20 Gemini: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Gemini is a fun-loving, free-spirited sign. They like to party, meet new people, and have fun—they are carefree and just enjoying life. They don’t worry too much about anything, really. And when it comes to dating, they don’t take anything seriously! They are not the kind of sign to seek out a long-term relationship, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re better off just giving all the Geminis out there a pass—they never settle down, right? Above all, Gemini is just here for a good time. They do whatever pleases them, and yes, they’re super friendly, but don’t expect any kind of deep connection. Everyone knows that all of the Geminis out there are pretty shallow—hmm, or is that just a stereotype?

19 Gemini: Reality

Gemini is actually a much more intellectual sign than many people realize. Yes, they have many interests, and they do not stick with one pursuit for too long, but this often makes them a very intelligent “jack of all trades.” They read tons of books, watch lots of interesting documentaries, and often have a few quirky hobbies. Therefore, Geminis may seem shallow on the surface, but deep down, they’re actually quite a smart sign. They can talk to you for hours about classic films, great albums, and fascinating new books that they’re staying up late to read. And when it comes to relationships, they do eventually learn to settle down—it can just take them longer than the other signs in the zodiac, but it will happen!

18 Cancer: Stereotype

Source: Favim

If you need a shoulder to cry on, call a Cancer. If you want someone who make the best baked goods in town, Cancer is your girl. And if you just need someone to talk to who can make you feel better any day of the week, Cancer is the one for the job. Yup, Cancer is always built up as the sweetest sign in the entire zodiac—and most of the time, it’s true! We’ll get into more detail on that later. Let’s go over a few more Cancer stereotypes first. They’re always friendly, they don’t mind small talk (in fact, they’re supposed to be experts at it), and they totally don’t mind listening to you talk about your problems all day, so by all means, please go ahead.

17 Cancer: Reality

Source: Favim

In reality, Cancer gets a little sick of being walked all over all the time! They don’t always want to be the first person to get a call when someone in their friend group has an emotional issue, and they can’t be everyone’s best friend, therapist, and personal chef all rolled into one (although they cannot deny that they have amazing cooking skills). As they get older, they will begin to break out of some of these stereotypes, and they will learn to speak up for themselves and say what they really feel. Sometimes, Cancer holds their tongue on what they’re REALLY thinking just to keep the peace—but don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, or it will definitely come back to bite you one day!

16 Leo: Stereotype

Leo is basically the superstar sign of the zodiac. They walk into any room and heads turn. You could easily see your Leo friends getting famous one day—they just have that “it” factor. They really never seem to get nervous—oh, and did we mention that their fashion sense is always on point? Leo is definitely one of the most stylish signs. You’ll never catch them in public wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. And what makes Leo really special? They always end up being super successful at whatever they do. Whether they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or enter some sort of creative professions like writing or dancing, they are certain to excel—there’s just no question that they’ll “make it” at whatever they do.

15 Leo: Reality

Source: Favim

Leo may have one of the most impressive stereotypes out of all the signs, but in reality, they stumble and fall sometimes just like the rest of us. They are truly very confident, but they are always second-guessing themselves. One reason it always seems like they’re ahead of the game is because they’re so scared of what will happen in they allow themselves to fall behind. They are very concerned with their reputations, and they spend a lot of time worrying about how other people perceive them. They didn’t naturally become good at networking and socializing—they forced themselves to improve at it because they’re scared they’ll fall behind in life if they don’t connect with the right people. Behind the scenes, Leo is a very anxious sign.

14 Virgo: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Virgo is such a smart sign—how could they ever make a mistake? They always have a to-do list ready to help them take on the day. They have the right answer to every question—honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that every Jeopardy winner was a Virgo. They just don’t seem to get flustered over the same things that we do. How do they do it? They can talk to anyone with ease, but they don’t seem to feel the need to impress anybody. They’re great when it comes to sticking to a budget—they never waste money on fancy Starbucks lattes or random shopping sprees. So, how does Virgo do it? How do they stay on track all the time? Well, the truth is, they don’t.

13 Virgo: Reality

Source: Favim

Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but Virgo is just as flawed as any other sign. People often think that Virgo is comfortable being a little different and “above” all of the usual drama of day to day life. And they are—but sometimes, this leaves Virgo feeling a little bit left out. They feel like they can’t relate to other people so well, and Virgos often feel a bit lonely in high school and college. They know what they want in life, but it often feels like other people don’t notice them. They often struggle to make friends their age because they’re more mature, so they end up hanging out with an older crowd. Deep down, Virgo just wants to fit in like anyone else.

12 Libra: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Libra is a materialistic sign—all they care is shopping and how they look. Well, maybe not quite—they also care about who they’re seen with and where, what their Instagram feed looks like, making sure they’re only tagged in attractive photos on Facebook, you know the deal. Okay, maybe Libra DOES get a really bad rap when it comes to zodiac stereotypes. What else do people say about Libras? Well, they say that they’re shallow. Oh, and don’t forget their control freak personalities. If you want to be in charge of any group with a Libra in it, you better step back, because they’re about to make it clear that they are the only ones who can wear the pants around here. But what is Libra REALLY like underneath all that?

11 Libra: Reality

Source: Favim

The truth is that Libra is actually a very caring sign, and they just have a funny way of showing it. No, we’re not making excuses for them—that’s just what they’re like underneath the show they put on. Libra is such a perfectionist because they want everyone around them to be happy, and they feel like if they screw up, people will get angry at them. They are peacekeepers at heart, and that’s why they put so much crazy effort into planning. Unfortunately, this can sometimes backfire because people will assume that Libras are just selfish control freaks. Libra is just afraid that if they take a back seat, no one else will step up to take responsibility. They are not nearly as selfish as some people assume.

10 Scorpio: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Scorpio has got to be the craziest sign in the zodiac—after all, their horoscope is always talking about how emotional and sensitive they are, so they must be so annoying to be around. Are they always on the verge of bursting into tears, or picking a fight? Do they get super riled up about little things because they genuinely care THAT much, or are they just begging for attention? And how could anyone ever date a Scorpio, anyway? Who would want to put up with that attitude all the time? Yup, these are just a few of the popular stereotypes about Scorpios that are repeated over and over again. They make Scorpios sound like such a dramatic sign, but they are only right half the time!

9 Scorpio: Reality

Source: Favim

Yes, Scorpio is very sensitive and emotional—that part of the stereotype is definitely not wrong! But they are not so quick to pick a fight or burst out crying as some would have you assume. In fact, Scorpios often learn from a young age that they should push their emotions under and not express themselves. This results in a lot of pain for them as they grow up. They’re not trying to be nasty or dramatic when they get upset over something, but they just can’t help it. However, Scorpios are also known to make good use of these tendencies. Many of them are quite creative, and they encourage other people to take good care of themselves and feel no shame in their emotions if they are more sensitive than others.

8 Sagittarius: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Sagittarius doesn’t care about anything! Nope, not at all. “Free spirit” is just another word for “careless drifter.” What does Sagittarius REALLY care about? Well, themselves, mostly. This sign has to be one of the most selfish ones—if you only listen to what people who have never met a Sagittarius have to say. So what other stereotypes about this sign are floating around? They don’t really like to put down roots anywhere—you can forget about them getting a steady job, saving a good amount of money, or worrying about future responsibilities like buying a home. Nope, they will be living on their friends’ couches and bumming off other people well into adulthood. Oh, and forget about them ever paying you back for anything.

7 Sagittarius: Reality

Source: Favim

Sagittarius has some pretty damaging stereotypes attached to their sign, but they brush it off! Yes, they are definitely more likely to bounce from city to city and job to job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the people they meet in each phase of their lives. They do care! They struggle to show it sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Furthermore, Sagittarius actually feels very lonely a lot of the time because they do not always value the things that society says are important. They want to travel, see the world, and chase their dreams—they don’t necessarily want to work at a traditional 9-5 job, get married, and settle down with kids. Because of this, they are a highly misunderstood sign.

6 Capricorn: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Capricorn is a slave to their job above all else. Friends? What are those? Girls weekend away? Nope, Capricorn has work to do. Family time? No way, Capricorn is staying late in the office so they can get ahead on this new project. Capricorn is often seen as an unfeeling sign that does not care very much about the people in their lives. It’s true that Capricorn has a strong work ethic, but is that really all there is to this earth sign? Just like every other sign, Capricorn is multifaceted, and there are many other aspects of their personality that are not discussed very often. Let’s take a look at the truth behind all of the popular Capricorn stereotypes and see what they’re really like.

5 Capricorn: Reality

Source: Favim

Capricorn is actually a much more sensitive sign than many people would assume at first glance. The reason they pour so much of their heart and soul into their work is that they aren’t the best at expressing their feelings. This is an issue that many earth signs struggle with. Capricorn often does regret skipping out on different engagements because of work, but they are scared of what will happen if they take a step back at their job. They care very deeply about what other people think of them, and just like Libra, they are always putting in a ton of extra effort because they do not want to let anyone down. They put a ton of pressure on themselves, and they wish that more people around them understood that.

4 Aquarius: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Aquarius is quirky and interesting. They don’t care about what anyone thinks of them, and forget about an Aquarius ever playing by society’s rules—it’s never going to happen, so don’t hold your breath! And what’s the coolest thing about Aquarius? They don’t even care about the pressure to conform. Nope, they just let it go. They totally have the power to tune out the naysayers when they do their own thing—unlike the rest of us, who end up buckling under insecurity and following the crowd because we get freaked out. But is that the whole truth about Aquarius? Is that what it’s really like inside their heads? Of course not. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what Aquarius is really all about.

3 Aquarius: Reality

Source: Favim

Aquarius is actually a lot more insecure deep down inside than most people would imagine. They expect a lot out of themselves, and here’s the funny thing about Aquarius—sometimes, they don’t even enjoy all of their offbeat hobbies. They will occasionally do things simply because they’re NOT mainstream, even if they don’t enjoy it. The secret’s out! So they go out of their way to be contrarian, just because they want people to see them as unique. Hmm, so it looks like they DO care a lot more about their image than they would ever let on. Well, this is trait can be common in air signs, so it’s actually not a huge surprise—Aquarius is just a lot better at hiding it than the others!

2 Pisces: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Pisces has got to be the saddest sign in the zodiac, right? Always moping over some boy who broke their heart, a fight with their parents, or a friend who went behind their back and gossiped about them. Does Pisces need to grow a backbone or what? Make sure that you always have a pack of Kleenex on hand for your Pisces friend, because they probably have a breakdown on a daily basis. And they always have crazy dreams, like becoming an artist or a writer, a photographer or a dancer, an actor or a musician…and it’s like, come on, Pisces, get real! Will they probably end up working at Starbucks and writing poems on their lunch breaks instead of getting a real job one day…right? Or is there more to Pisces than meets the eye?

1 Pisces: Reality

Source: Favim

Yes, Pisces is very sensitive—there is no denying that. But they do channel that sensitivity into many productive outlets, like art, writing, and music. And contrary to popular belief, these are not useless pursuits that will never allow them to earn money. There are plenty of Pisces women and men out there who are doing creative work on the side, along with their regular job! And Pisces is not just a whiny brat who is always looking for a shoulder to cry on. In fact, because they are so sensitive and understanding, they are often the shoulder to cry on for others. A Pisces can be the best friend you’ve ever had because they will never ignore or dismiss your problems—they are always ready to listen.

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