We Ranked The Signs By Their Ability To Handle Change (His & Hers)

When it comes to handling change, every zodiac group reacts differently, and within each star sign, men and women tend to act differently as well, leaving twenty-four different ways in which people handle certain situations. For some, change is welcome. These signs prefer a constantly changing environment to keep things entertaining, new and fresh. It keeps life from becoming monotonous and boring. While these signs may be known for their adaptive capabilities, there are signs at the other end of the spectrum, those who don’t understand why change is necessary and who are so set in their ways that they tend to fall apart when they’re suddenly forced to do things differently. They can’t deal with change, and they don’t understand why most changes are necessary. Ask one of these signs and they’ll tell you things were better before everything changed.

Regardless of which end you stand at, change is something everyone has to deal with throughout their lives, so you can either go with it or struggle through it. Change is happening people, whether you like it or not, so which zodiac signs are better at handling change and which would rather keep everything the same?

Here are the signs ranked from the most to least likely to be able to handle change well: 

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24 Cancer Women Know What’s Up


A Cancer woman is known for her tenacity, loyalty and her strong emotions, which might lead one to believe she’d be susceptible to stress when change comes around, but she’s also known for her suspicious side.She knows what’s going to happen simply because she’s kept an eye out the entire time. When change hits, whether it’s positive or negative, she’s ready to roll with it. Cancer women don’t stress the small stuff – they’re immune! They’re all born with the same innate sense of awareness that has kept our ancestors alive and thriving for centuries, so is it really that big of a surprise to hear that she’s able to adapt perfectly and transition from one norm to the next without so much as a hiccup? Good job, Cancer women! You all know what’s up!

23 Taurus Guys Can Handle Anything


The mighty Taurus man is ready for anything! They’re not known for their patience, responsibility and stability for nothing! A Taurus guy doesn’t really like sudden changes and can be stubborn, but that doesn’t mean he can’t handle them. He’s got everything he needs to just go with the flow. One of the things he loves most is hard work, and as we can all attest, handling big changes in our lives can be one of the most difficult things to work through. Instead of sinking into a troubled state, a Taurus guy rises to the challenge and overcomes every. Single. Time. He relies on his character, devotion and practicality to handle change and is only too proud when he turns life’s lemons into lemonade.

22 Libra Guys Embrace Change


As we all know, Libra men are known for their cooperative nature. They don’t like confrontation and make pretty good diplomats, so when their boss decides it’s time for a change, or when external factors turn into personal challenges, a Libra guy will keep a level head, rely on his friends and stride forward with confidence. Though he isn’t a fan of conformity, he’ll still color within the lines to keep the peace, and when others see the example he provides, they tend to follow suit. Not only does a Libra guy talk the talk, but he walks the walk and this is one of the many positive personality traits that make him a good supervisor and leader. He also knows his limits, so when times get tough, he can always turn to his friends to help lighten his mood and refresh his views.

21 Sagittarius Guys Get Bored When Things Remain The Same


The Sagittarius guy has a great sense of humor and loves his freedom, so when things change unexpectedly, he’s only too happy to see where it takes him. Seeing change as an adventure, a Sagittarius man will go all-in to see it through to the end. He’s got one of the most open minds and philosophical views of all the star signs and he’s got what it takes to face a little thing like change head-on. He isn’t afraid to push his way forward and relishes the opportunity. He may have planned to tour Italy but if his plane is canceled, he’s willing to hop on the next available flight to wherever just to take advantage of the opportunity. If you’re ever in need of a good-natured friend who isn’t afraid of change, turn to the Sagittarius man.

20 Gemini Women Love New Things

One of a Gemini woman’s greatest strengths is her adaptability. She isn’t going to just stand there with sweat pouring down her face when she’s faced with change – she’s going to embrace it and see what happens. Her ability to learn quickly is one of her strongest aids when confronting change and if she’s ever unsure about anything, she’s quick to use her uncanny communication skills. She’s able to exchange ideas and find the best route to take when handling an unstable environment and she’s okay with turning to others for their opinions as well. She’s contemplative and intelligent enough to understand that her ideas might not be the only ones to help overcome difficult changes so she definitely takes other opinions into consideration, helping her to choose the simplest path.

19 Cancer Men Don’t Care Either Way


Cancer men are highly imaginative – which makes them one of the most ideal people to confront the numerous changes life brings. Their tenacity pumps their imagination level through the roof so when it comes to figuring out how to deal with unexpected situations, they just make the most logical decision and go with it. There’s no need to stand around considering the many options, as soon as one option presents itself, Cancer guys take it and believe whatever happens will happen. They don’t really care if their plan is the most efficient because they can get themselves out of whatever consequences their previous decisions create, so why bother? When it comes to change and stress, a Cancer guy is one of the most laid-back of the star signs.

18 Pisces Men Go With The Flow


Pisces guys are intuitive, which kind of gives them a huge head start when change happens. They’re looking around, observing others and trends, and they’re also taking into account outside factors while living their everyday lives. It may make them a tad paranoid and they’re a little more likely to consider or invent imaginative conspiracy theories, but that doesn’t make them weak to change – if anything, it helps them figure things out and transition smoothly. One of their greatest strengths is their wisdom, so even if they can seem a little cooky to the rest of us sometimes, their previous experiences and ability to learn from other people’s mistakes makes them pretty dependable. Their words and life choices dictate which direction their lives go and, more often than not, they choose to go with the flow, deviating only long enough to ensure their lives are as stress-free as possible.

17 Aries Girls Would Prefer Things To Stay The Same


Aries ladies are confident. This confidence is usually seen as a strength, but when their boss suddenly decides a ridiculously inefficient method is “better” than the methods she’s been using for years, her shackles come up. One of an Aries woman’s biggest weaknesses is her impulsiveness, but pair it with aggression and suddenly someone is getting chewed out. Aries gals may not be quick to scream at their boss, but she’s definitely going to say something at some point, usually during a one-on-one to avoid conflict in the workplace, but her voice will be heard. She may fight change a little more than some other signs, but it doesn’t mean she is entirely unwilling to embrace it – the one factor that makes all the difference is whether she sees the change as something that can work or something that is unnecessary.

16 Scorpio Girls Don’t Like Change, But They Can Adapt

Scorpio women are resourceful. We all know this, but she’s also stubborn. When change hits, she isn’t very interested in it and can sometimes put up a bit of a fight, but she also knows unexpected incidents happen, they’re part of everyone’s lives, so instead of trying to push back, a Scorpio lady picks and chooses her battles. She knows not every little thing is worth her time and commitment, she’s got other things going on that are far more important than the needless battle with something that might be slowed but would inevitably overcome her. She’ll put it as much work as she needs to ensure change doesn’t overwhelm her, but beyond that, she’ll disregard her reservations and move forward like the rest of us.

15 Leo Guys Can Handle It – But They Don’t Always Like It


The bottom line is simple – Leos are lazy. Obviously, this translates to “whatever happens happens.” They don’t really care about the changes in their lives, even if they’re big ones. A tornado can come and tear down a Leo’s house, move his car all the way to the other side of the city, and might even take his dog with it. He won’t like the situation but he’s got insurance for the car and the house, and though it hurts to lose his dog, it was just one of those things that happens in life and when he’s ready, he’ll invest in another one – one that he’ll definitely save the next time he gets a tornado warning. Leo men are so chill, they’re almost too much, even for themselves.

14 Aquarius Women Feel The Stress


Aquarius girls are progressive individuals with a strong streak of independence, so it comes as no surprise that they can’t handle change that is entirely out of their control. When something like a car accident occurs, an Aquarius knows she has to deal with calling her insurance company, contacting her doctor and getting checked out to ensure everything is alright, and that she should also make arrangements to help the process move along smoothly, but deep down she’s stressing out. Whoever hit her vehicle must have been this or that, the person helping her at the hospital was probably thinking this or that, and now she has all these things on her plate that came out of nowhere. She may be strong enough to work through the change, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t stressed out by the whole thing.

13 Capricorn Guys Can’t Handle It


A Capricorn man is known for his self-control and discipline. Many look to him and believe he’s got his life put together and everything he’s ever wanted is well within his reach – but what they don’t know is that deep down, in the most secret part of his mind, he’s freaking out. One of a Capricorn man’s greatest weaknesses is being a know-it-all, so anything unexpected is going to irk him. Change gnaws on a Capricorn’s nerves and makes him break out into a sweat. He prefers a controlled environment, it’s one of the reasons a Capricorn makes such a great manager, but his unforgiving attitude and the shame associated with bragging about knowing everything then confronting a situation that proves he doesn’t can really impact a Capricorn man in a pretty negative way.

12 Taurus Ladies Don’t Do Well With Change

Unlike their male counterparts, a Taurus lady remains uncompromising. Of course, this translates to change: bad. A Taurus woman knows she can’t control every situation and doesn’t expect to, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be as stubborn as a, well, an ox! She’ll be patient and try to reel in her emotions but at a certain point, enough is enough and she’ll start taking out her stress on others. If things at school aren’t going her way, whether it was her fault or not, guaranteed she’s going to come home with an ax to grind. No one likes being told what to do and how to do it, but even in instances where it makes sense to follow the instructions of others, a Taurus woman will stand silent, fangs bared.

11 Libra Girls Struggle


A Libra woman’s greatest strengths are her social abilities and graciousness. What are some of her weaknesses? She carries grudges like no one’s business and tends to fall into a strange routine that includes a generous helping of self-pity. When change hits, she’s laughing on the outside with her friends, family, and peers, but on the inside, she’s screaming. A Libra lady isn’t interested in change – why should she be? Change isn’t always good and she isn’t always capable of handling things as they come up. A Libra woman is a rare instance in which a person is trying their best to seem unaffected by unexpected situations while falling prey to her weaknesses on the inside. It’s a struggle to balance the two but a Libra is great at faking it ’til she makes it.

10 Virgo Women Don’t Like It


Virgo women are hardworking and practical. They expect changes to come as a result of their own decision making and hard work, so when things are out of their control, she becomes overly critical of why. Rather than dealing with situations as they come at her, a Virgo woman will consider what caused the change, how it could have been avoided, and the multiple ways in which she would have handled things differently. This unexpectedly haughty attitude is part of what helps her cope with the change, even as she simultaneously avoids confronting the effects. It may not make any sense, but in her mind, a Virgo is able to feel better about the change by dwelling on its history and attempting to hypothesize what might happen next.

9 Aries Guys Sweat It Out


Aries men are honest and passionate – both really great strengths, but their short-tempers and aggression make them easy targets for life’s stressors. If a positive change occurs, an Aries guy is only too happy about it. He’ll even be the first to suggest a celebration with plenty of great food, great drinks, and even better company, but when a negative change comes around, he’s among the first to sweat it out. He’s upset at the change and wants to see a resolution, but sometimes there is none. If it’s something huge like a natural disaster, political issue or simple flux in society, it’s entirely out of his control and he’s left helplessly stressed out. The only things that help an Aries get over change-related stress is a physical challenge and the company of good friends.

8 Gemini Men Don’t See The Point


Change always comes at a price, whether you see it or not. A Gemini man understands this but that doesn’t change his nervousness or indecisive nature. He stresses about the change because he doesn’t understand it. Someone somewhere decides it’s better to eat margarine but he’s always heard butter is better. Stress. The world decides superhero movies are in but he prefers independent films. Stress. Someone complimented his tie one day but not the next. Stress. There’s no reason for a Gemini to consider how other people think or what they like in comparison to himself but sometimes he can be a little self-absorbed, making normal social interactions and societal changes unnecessary stress factors. How does he get over these stresses? He just finds new ones to replace them!

7 Capricorn Ladies Get Frustrated


Capricorn women may be known for their self-control, but they’re not known for their forgiving nature. They may be able to roll with the punches but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever forget the incident or that they’ll ever let their guard down in similar situations in the future. One might assume these adaptive tendencies would make her better equipped to handle the ever-changing waves of our lives, but Capricorn ladies don’t do as well as they could. In fact, they become frustrated with change and they can sometimes take it out on others by displaying a condescending attitude. They think they can rise above the frustration by talking a lot of nonsense and pretending they’ll be fine but the bottom line is they always go home and have to hit a pillow or indulge in some ice cream to calm down and move on.

6 Leo Ladies Try Their Best


Leo women are normally pretty fun to be around. They’re known for their cheerfulness, humor and their warm hearts, but what happens when they’re confronted with unexpected changes? They do their best to push through it, of course! While their hearts and minds are in the right place, their nerves are not. A Leo lady might do her best to overcome obstacles but deep down inside she’s battling her stubborn nature and her self-centeredness. She knows she’s not perfect and she knows she can’t always control situations but she really, really, REALLY wants to. When things are out of her control, she feels like less of a person. Why she takes it personally, none of the other signs will ever know, but she’s got to find a healthy outlet to handle these situations.

5 Scorpio Guys Feel The Pressure


Scorpio men can be resourceful and even brave, but when it comes to change, they can shrink back into the child versions of themselves. Though they don’t always show it, they’re having a temper tantrum beneath the unfazed facade and they’re hating everything about the changes in their lives. Scorpio men want everything to remain the same. When they come home to visit the family, he expects the house to be the same color it was when he left. He expects the second stair to creak like it always did throughout his childhood, and he definitely expects the rest of the town to follow suit. The thing about change is that it’s unavoidable, which makes being a Scorpio guy really tough. They know it’s out of their hands so they’re always left stressed and disappointed.

4 Aquarius Men Are Usually Awful With Change


Progressive, original, independent humanitarians. These are the positive qualities often associated with the Aquarius man. Too bad he has plenty of pretty bad weaknesses as well. He isn’t good at expressing his emotions, he can be temperamental and worse, he can be uncompromising.As with most things, change demands a compromise. Change will happen regardless of how a person feels or even how they choose to live their lives, so for a person to remain so stubbornly uncompromising, an Aquarius is making their lives unnecessarily difficult. He may understand the reason he struggles so hard is due to his own weaknesses, but being aware of his faults isn’t enough to make him change. He wants things to stay the same so when they don’t, he’s among the first to have a meltdown.

3 Sagittarius Girls Seem To Fail Miserably


A Sagittarius girl is impatient. One might think she’d be the one waiting for change to happen because she’s been anticipating it, but no, quite the opposite. She’s impatient for things to get done, not for sudden changes to hit. If anything, she’s impatient for the changes to be dealt with so she can wash her hands of the situation. Sagittarius women aren’t afraid to announce how they feel and they’re among the first to say a situation “sucks” or to complain that it isn’t right. She won’t hold back and will take out her stress on anyone within hearing distance. The woman at a restaurant who is screaming at a waiter? That’s a Sagittarius woman. The girl literally throwing herself to the ground in a temper tantrum? Also a Sagittarius. She needs to calm down and find a healthy outlet for her stress!

2 Pisces Woman Can’t Even


Pisces women can be afraid of change. This isn’t unheard of, but the extent to which a Pisces girl can be affected is legendary. She’s the one who has panic attacks and isn’t able to cope when change hits. The wrong presidential candidate is elected? Pisces women everywhere are crying and they’re struggling to catch their breath. An accident happened and a loved one is in the hospital? Don’t call a Pisces girl, she’ll just stand there hyperventilating into the phone while real help comes from elsewhere. It’s not that she wants to be this way, it’s just how she’s wired. It isn’t the best and she knows it, but controlling things that affect her isn’t as easy as it is for some of the other signs. When tough times come, Pisces women can’t even.

1 Virgo Guys Can’t Handle Change – At All!


Let’s face it guys, we were all thinking it. A Virgo guy can’t handle change to save his life – sometimes literally. Virgo men like having everything nice and neat, so when the unexpected happens, he’s the first to freak out. He demands perfection and life isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s due to life’s many imperfections that the world has experienced so many amazing things, even when we never asked for those opportunities. Rather than viewing incidents as a positive thing, Virgo men go into defense mode and immediately shut down emotionally. They want things taken care of and they demand everything to be fixed right now. There’s a reason Virgo men make such good businessmen, but this controlling streak is definitely their downfall. When change happens, Virgo men are the first to feel the pressure and they’re often left turning to others to make things right again.

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