We Ranked How Needy You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

Everybody gets needy in a relationship from time to time. Partners can feel insecure and unsure about how their significant other really feels. Some of us demand constant attention while others might crave more freedom. Some of us long for affection while others prefer not to be constantly touched. There are different levels of independence ranging from totally wanting more space to smothering the people we love. Every relationship is different based on our personalities and needs.

What could be causing so many differences in how we interact with people? Well, the answer might just be found in the stars. Many people pin their hopes on their horoscope and there is much to be discovered in the zodiac. How you act towards your significant other can be easily influenced by what sign you were born under.

Your wants and needs might just be predestined and people can learn a lot when they delve into your personality forecast. Astrology can help you understand yourself and your mate on a deeper level. Discover your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to love. Do you guard your heart or give it away easily? We’ve ranked how needy you are based on your zodiac sign.

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24 Sagittarius Woman: Fiercely Independent And Strong

When it comes to relationships, you are so self-sufficient that it takes a little while for you to adjust to being part of a team. A Sagittarius like you isn’t the “girlfriend type” and thrives on being on their own. So, if you do choose to be in a relationship, that person has to be pretty special. They must make you giggle and be an open person.

Boredom is your worst enemy so you like things to be spicy and might start an argument just to keep the fire lit. Freedom is very important to you so if a partner can give you the space that you desire, then you can be tamed. Once you set your mind to it, you are fully committed and loyal. Sagittarius ladies are very independent so you win the “least needy” award.

23 Sagittarius Man: Super Direct To A Fault

Sagittarius men tend to be very adventurous and honest to a fault. You certainly don’t hold back when it comes telling people what you think. It takes a little time for you to accept help from people but once you allow someone to do nice things for you, the relationship can flourish. It’s easy for you to idealize a partner and have unrealistic expectations, which can put a strain on things.

You demand freedom but once you find a mate that is willing to give you the space that you need, they are in for life. When it comes to long-term relationships, if you snag a person who can handle your independence then you are a loyal boyfriend who is totally capable of a deep connection.

22 Aries Woman: Doesn’t Need Any Help From Anyone

You may be a little bit too self-sufficient, as Aries women typically like to do things for themselves. You demand freedom and don’t want to be tied down for too long. When it comes to relationships, you can’t be bothered to stop and text your lover because you refuse to answer to anybody. An Aries woman’s heart is often guarded but opens after a person proves that they won’t try to control them.

Once you do find a soul mate, you’re supportive but expect your partner to be ambitious. If they aren’t, they will either be pushed into it or dumped before too long. Life goals are important to you so you’re probably too busy reaching for your dreams to be needy. An Aries like you walks through life with confidence.

21 Aries Man: Can Be A Bit Guarded

When it comes to relationships, an Aries man can be guarded. You crave freedom and are wary of people who might try to pin you down, so it takes some time for you to ease into things. You are super masculine and like to be the dominant one, which can cause some friction with your partner. A man with the sun in Aries often is opinionated so you may try to force your perspective on a mate.

You have a big personality and ooze confidence, so it’s important that you find someone who allows you to express yourself. Once you find someone who can match your high energy levels, you can be loyal but your independent streak makes you one of the least needy signs in the zodiac.

20 Aquarius Woman: Too Independent To Be Needy

You are independence personified and often crave solo adventure. It’s wouldn’t be a stretch for you to go on vacation alone. When it comes to love, you don’t want to commit until you’re sure that you’ve met the right person. The Aquarius woman can keep their emotions pent up as you don’t want to burden others with your problems. So, it can be a bit of a challenge to get close to you.

Once you’re in a relationship, you’re an amazing girlfriend and know how to make a person feel special. However, your thirst for adventure can give you a fear of boredom and if things get stale, you will quickly end the relationship. No one would ever accuse an Aquarius woman of being needy.

19  Aquarius Man: Totally Self-Sufficient

An Aquarius man like you doesn’t need anybody, thank you very much. You like spending time on your own and refuse to answer to anyone. That being said, you are attracted to people who are honest and are totally ready to take a bite out of life with you. You have a ton of energy so you might need a person who is free-spirited to keep up.

You are a sign that can be nervous and a bit edgy, so the perfect mate has to be flexible if the relationship is going to be successful. Monotony is your worst fear, so commitment can be an issue if things get too boring. A man that is always on-the-go like you would never be considered needy.

18 Capricorn Woman: Might Have Trust Issues

The Capricorn woman has no problem being alone. As a matter of a fact, your fierce independence can come across like you need a ton of space when it comes to relationships. The truth is, if you might the right person, you quickly adjust to being open. You can be a bit feisty and crave a person who can respect your independence.

Once you’re in, you are a very loyal mate but if a person treats you wrong, you can cut them out of your life in two seconds flat. Your heart can be broken easily so you need a person who has the tenderness to understand this. A woman born with the sun in Capricorn is needier than they seem and might fight with trust issues.

17 Capricorn Man: Likes To Take Things Slow

You come across as extremely self-reliant but deep down inside, you are a warm person who longs for a connection with others. Communication is not your strong suit, so you like to know someone before you decide to open up to them. The Capricorn man likes to take things slow but once you feel secure, you’ll drop everything for your partner.

Career goals are super important to you so you are attracted to people who can respect the time and space you need to give to work. You’re not super cuddly but your mate will always feel protected and provided for. A thoughtful man like you can be opinionated, so you need a partner that is flexible and forgiving. Yet, beyond your gruff exterior, you’re really a teddy bear.

16 Leo Woman: Lives For Compliments

Leo ladies come across as independent but totally depend on compliments to feel good about themselves. So, even though you don’t mind being alone, you’d much rather spend time with someone who admires you. A girl like you is a natural born leader who makes decisions on your own terms. That being said, if someone isn’t showering you with attention, you are quick to break things off.

When it comes to relationships, you have to feel attractive and appreciated. You command respect and won’t put up with anything less. Once you commit to someone, you’re all in, as long as the other person constantly worships you. Even though you enjoy having personal space, your need for validation can make you come across as a bit needy.

15 Leo Man: Can Be An Egomaniac

Let’s face it, Leo men shine bright like the sun. You tend to have a ton of confidence and can overshadow your significant other. It’s super easy for you to be the center of attention so you need a person that is secure in themselves. There might be times when you demand freedom but only if you feel secure in the relationship. You’re not as independent as you think you are.

Most of the time, you crave admiration and can sometimes be a show-off. If you feel appreciated then you will treat your partner like royalty. However, if you aren’t being flattered, you get bored and move on quickly. It’s all too easy for you to come across as an egomaniac who needs constant attention.

14 Gemini Woman: Needs Some Assurance

A Gemini woman has a duality about her that draws people in. On the one hand, you are totally independent and but on the other, you crave knowing that you are loved. You don’t want to be tied down but you prefer to be close to people. Once you feel secure in a relationship, your inner-twin takes over and you long for a deeper connection.

You can be anxious about life, so you’re attracted to people who will calm you down. It’s hard to predict which side of you will surface, so you can be both self-sufficient and a bit needy. By the time you’re committed to someone, you’ve become completely attached and hold on tight. It’s important that you feel supported and listened to, which can sometimes make you seem desperate.

13 Gemini Man: Wants All The Attention

Gemini men can flip-flop very easily. One moment, you’re demanding freedom and the next, you crave your partner’s undivided attention. Life with you can be exciting yet somehow relaxed. You need a mate that can go with the flow, depending on which side of you surfaces that day. When you’re in a relationship, your partner will safe and provided for, as long as they are up for the emotional up and downs.

You have a dynamic personality and can be a bit of a flirt so you need someone who is secure in themselves. If you feel like your significant other isn’t giving you the attention that you deserve, things can get ugly. Although you love having freedom, you’d actually prefer to be in a partnership, as long as they fulfill all your needs.

12 Scorpio Woman: Can Become Slightly Obsessed

Scorpio women love fiercely and expect their partner to return their affections. If you fall for someone, you will totally dedicate yourself to them and if they don’t respond the way you want them too, you can get a little bit obsessive. The fact that you’re so in touch with your feelings can be a challenge and it takes a strong person to be up for engaging in a relationship with you.

If someone does you wrong, you hold a grudge. Girls like you are masters of the silent treatment. Yet, when you feel that a person is matching your affection, there is no one more loyal or loving as a Scorpio woman. Your intensity can come across as needy but you refuse to be in a superficial relationship.

11 Scorpio Man: Totally Intense

Much like a Scorpio woman, the Scorpio man has a level of intensity that can be scary for some. You’re dark and broody at times but it’s only because you care so deeply. Sometimes you can come across as possessive. The truth is, you’re a sensitive person who thinks that you’re independent but if your affections aren’t returned, you have a hard time letting go.

If you are in a relationship where you’re feelings are reciprocated then you treat your partner with total love and dedication. You enter into the union with passion and feel like your significant other should prove their love for you often. Nothing annoys you more than an inauthentic person and you demand that your mate matches your level of intensity.

10 Virgo Woman: Feeling Fragile And Vulnerable

They may not be super needy but the Virgo woman has been known to be a bit fragile. You’re another sensitive sign that works hard to make sure that other people are happy. This can cause you to put your own desires aside to please your partner. Control can be an issue for you and your self-sacrificing nature can cause some serious anxiety.

It can be difficult for you to know your own worth and you’ve been known to sell yourself short when it comes to relationships. If you’re into someone, you are completely devoted and will do everything in your power to make things work. So, if your mate demands space, you back off. The moment they choose to pull you back in, you’re waiting with open arms.

9 Virgo Man: Has Moments Of Insecurity

Insecurity is an underlying trait of the Virgo man. You’re faithful to a fault when it comes to love and sometimes your neurotic nature can get the best of you. A relationship with a guy like you can be challenging because you bend to your partner’s needs. You’re a people pleaser who is willing to give your significant other plenty of freedom, even if it doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

Once you’re involved with someone, you’re totally reliable. You’re attracted to people who will engage in a meaningful relationship. Although you’re not the most romantic dude out there, you go into things with complete dedication and you won’t find a more loyal guy. You’re worth all the work it takes to keep things going.

8 Taurus Woman: Slightly Possessive At Times

You work really hard to not seem needy. The Taurus woman doesn’t want to appear clingy so your amazing ability to be patient serves you well. Since you’re a bit reserved, it can take some time for you to open up. It’s super important that you’re liked and you desperately need to be admired by your partner.

You mask your insecurities well but once you’re in a relationship, you tend to be possessive. If you feel threatened in any way, you grab hold and refuse to let go. Because you are so loyal, your dedication to your partner can easily lead to jealousy. A Taurus woman is faithful and will be totally loyal to their mate. Once you feel secure, you do a good job at keeping your neediness in check.

7 Taurus Man: Needy Under The Surface

The Taurus man is practical and has lofty pursuits. This makes you a great provider but underneath all that determination, insecurities can boil under the surface. Material possessions are important to you and nothing can get in the way of you achieving your goals, even a relationship.

Yet, once you find a partner, you are committed for life. Stability is your strong suit but it can come across as boring at times. Success is important to you and once you meet someone special, you happily include them in your plans for the future. It’s all too easy for you to get wrapped up in your work and your mate has to be secure in themselves. Your inane ability to keep your true feelings hidden can make you slightly needy.

6 Libra Woman: Hates Being Alone

You can’t stand being alone. The Libra woman can be clingy and doesn’t really try to hide it. A girl like you craves a sense of security and can demand a lot from a relationship. You’re looking for someone who will spend time with you. It doesn’t even have to be quality time, you just really want the company.

Despite the fact that you demand constant attention, your charm totally makes up for your insecurities. You’re always up for a good time and are willing to go on an adventure. A woman born under this sign tends to be a people pleaser who needs constant reassurance. A compliment can go a long way with you and you’ll do just about anything to get someone to validate you.

5 Libra Man: Moves Way Too Fast

The Libra man isn’t holding anything back. Your romantic and looking for love, so once you find the right person, it’s full steam ahead. Always on the search for an emotional connection, you are passionate and can sometimes come on a bit strong. You feel a pull towards marriage and aren’t afraid to let a person know how you feel.

Confidence isn’t your strongest quality, so you do sometimes battle with insecurity. However, you also struggle with a lack of satisfaction that can make you have a wandering eye. If someone isn’t paying enough attention to you, it’s easy for you to move on. Like the Libra woman, you hate being alone and will go to great lengths to not sleep in an empty bed.

4 Pisces Woman : Sensitive And Borderline Desperate

A lady like you is so emotional that if someone near you is crying, you burst into tears right along with them. You’re nurturing and empathic to a fault and this tends to make you vulnerable. When it comes to creativity, you can get lost in your own head and don’t mind working on a project alone. Yet, you’d really rather be surrounded by people.

Once a Pisces woman has given her heart to someone, you tend to get needy. You crave to be in a loving relationship and can easily get taken advantage of because you prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone treats you wrong, you’re willing to forgive as long as it means that they don’t leave you. Your sensitivity can make you seem desperate.

3 Pisces Man: Smothering And So Insecure

The Pisces man thinks with his heart and goes deep once he falls in love. On top of that, you avoid confrontation and end up feeling vulnerable. Your idealistic nature makes you a hopeless romantic. If you find yourself in a relationship, your partner’s happiness is all that matters to you. So much so that you get taken advantage of often. It takes time for you to instigate a relationship because making the first move really isn’t your style.

You’re giving nature makes you an attentive and selfless lover but this easily becomes your downfall. Despite the fact that you hold tight to your beliefs, your non-confrontational attitude can make you waffle in an argument. In the end, your intensity and desperate desire for love makes you come across as totally needy.

2 Cancer Woman: Craves Romance And Is Totally Needy

Once you’re in a relationship, you crave affection and need to have constant contact with your lover. You get caught up in your own insecurity and need reassurance all the time. The Cancer woman is intuitive and completely in touch with their emotions. It’s all about trust when it comes to love and if someone proves themselves to be trustworthy, you give away your heart easily.

It can be easy for you to over-think things so you look for problems that may not be there. You can hold a grudge and will totally rehash past arguments if someone rubs you the wrong way. If you feel like your partner isn’t paying enough attention to you then you worry that the relationship is doomed. Congratulations, you win the neediest sign in the zodiac.

1 Cancer Man: A Big Ball Of Emotions

You’ve been known to smother those you love. The Cancer man is sensitive and rather fragile. Once you’ve fallen for someone, there is no one more passionate or tender. You long for cuddles and love to be affectionate. Confidence can be an issue so you tend to be passive in a relationship. You’re emotional and require your partner to connect with you on a deeper level.

Your intensity can be a bit much, and life with you is far from simple. You need a mate that loves being touched and is patient enough to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. Much like the Cancer woman, you drudge up the past if you feel slighted. You’re a big ball of emotions and that makes you come across as totally needy.

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