The Type Of Person Who Can’t Resist You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a specific trait or characteristic that they find extremely attractive. On the other side of the same coin, there are characteristics about us that make others attract to us like a magnet. Sometimes we attract very like-minded individuals, where they are like another version of ourselves. Other times we attract the exact opposites of ourselves.

The law of attraction says what we put out into the universe we attract back. So if we send positive vibes, positive things will come our way and vice versa for negative feelings. If that’s the case, then how is it that we can attract someone so opposite ourselves? Well, there’s another saying that opposites attract. In these instances how are we supposed to know the kinds of people we are attracting?

By now, you’ve probably noticed a pattern of the kinds of people that seem to consistently find their way into your life. Whether it’s your “type” or not, you’re certainly theirs. The answer to why you seem to attract certain people may have to do with your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has distinguishable personality traits and characteristics. Those traits can be extremely attractive to certain individuals, which is why you always seem to draw them into your life.

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16 Fire Signs: Attract The Opposite Of What They’re Looking For

Fire signs are generally very bold personalities – which is no surprise considering Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs. They are confident, fierce and loud. However, these signs all do have warm hearts as well. It’s really no surprise that fire signs tend to attract a lot of attention and admiration. These signs shine bright, so it’s no wonder that many different people are attracted to them. That being said, the main type of person that is attracted to fire signs tends to be the opposite of what they’re looking for. Most of the time fire signs want to attract someone that shares a firey personality, like them. While they do attract others that share the same personality traits, they more often attract quieter individuals. After all, quieter personalities can’t help but admire the outgoing and loud nature of the fire signs and wants to share in their light.

15 Subdued Personalities Can’t Resist An Aries

Aries are very energetic. They always want to have something to do and live a very fast-paced life. This can sometimes lead to them acting before thinking. While many other fast-paced individuals will find this quality attractive, ironically, Aries often finds they attract a lot of quiet lifestyle individuals. The quieter individuals find the full of life Aries extremely attractive. Where they may be calm and steady, Aries is loud and impulsive. Together these two are either going to have a frustration-filled relationship or they are going to find perfect balance and harmony with one another. Aries lead with their hearts; however, they often attract people who lead with their heads. Despite this, these more tranquil individuals tend to admire the passion that makes up an Aries, even if they don’t quiet understand it all the time.

14 Shy and Needy Individuals Can’t Resist A Leo

Leo is a  take charge kind of person, and is very affectionate. Their charisma and bold personalities attract a lot of people. However, Leo will often find they attract shy individuals. The reason for this is, these people admire the confidence Leo exudes and feeds off of it themselves. These people are generally looking for someone who is both creative, smart and challenges them to step out of their comfort zones, which is why they can’t resist a Leo. Leo will also find they attract needy individuals. At first this may work out well for the Leo as they do love attention and affection; however, as much as they love attention they will grow tired of neediness as it turns to clinginess. Leo likes to be in committed relationships and people can sense that. But there is a difference between the committed aspects and overall clingy people that are attracted to the star that is a Leo.

13 The Homebody Can’t Resist A Sagittarius

Sagittarius love adventures, and often grow tired of the same old, same old. They don’t operate by the concept “if it’s not broke don’t fix it;” they fix it anyways out of sheer boredom. Ironically, as much as Sagittarius love change, and are very adaptable to it, the kinds of people they attract are not. Sagittarius tends to attract individuals who are homebodies. These people can’t resist the sense of adventure that Sagittarius has towards life. However, while this may be what initially attracts someone to a Sagittarius, the homebody individual is someone who wants to settle down and start a life together. They want a controlled lifestyle and think Sagittarius may be willing to settle down for them. Sagittarius hate to be controlled, so they’ll only settle down at their own time and when they are ready, in the meantime they’ll want to keep moving onto the next adventure – attracting the eye of many they meet.

12 Earth Signs: Attract People Seeking Security

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the most stable. As the signs that belong to the Earth element, they are very grounded and stand by their values. When it comes to attraction, the Earth signs tend to attract individuals who are seeking a sense of security and stability in their lives and their relationships. The people attracted to the Earth signs are attracted to the comfort that Earth signs bring to the relationships in their lives, whether those relationships are romantic based or friendship based. Sometimes the Earth signs attract individuals who are a bit impulsive, which is the exact opposite of them; however, this is just an example of opposites attracting. Having an impulsive lifestyle may have you seeking security and certainty in the relationships in your life, which is what draws you to the Earth signs.

11 High Energy Individuals Can’t Resist A Taurus

Taurus is perhaps one of the most levelheaded signs of the zodiac. They are very laid back and tend to avoid drama in their lives. While they are hard working, Taurus tends to take a go with the flow mentality toward life. Where Taurus is calm and easygoing, they tend to attract high-energy individuals. Energetic and loud individuals can’t resist the stability offered by a Taurus. They know that this sign will stand by them and even show them how to remain calm from time to time. They also are attracted to the loyalty Taurus has for those in their lives. Taurus is one of the most reliable and stable signs in the zodiac attracting many people who want to feel that. High energy individuals often are attracted to the Taurus because they provide balance in their lives with their calm nature, while their easy going personality leads for a drama free relationship.

10 The Fixer-Upper Can’t Resist A Perfect Virgo

Virgo can be quite the perfectionist. They like to go over everything with a fine comb and try to leave nothing for chance. They are practical and logical, and often keep an open mind and a clear head. For that reason, Virgo is brilliant at solving problems and giving advice. People often flock to them for that very reason. Specifically, they attract a lot of fixer upper personalities. This means that people who are haunted by their own issues can’t resist a Virgo because they believe that these sorts of people can help them get back on track. They sense an understanding nature in Virgo. For them, Virgo will accept their flaws but also help provide the support they need to work through them. Virgo attracts individuals who are a bit of a fixer-upper because, to them,  Virgo offers stability, trustworthiness, and listening abilities to offer the comfort they need in life and in relationships.

9 The Funny Traditionalist Can’t Resist A Capricorn

Capricorn stands by tradition when it comes to relationships. They love courting, and love watching the relationship progress over time. They like stability and security as well. This can mean that Capricorn can’t tend to take life a bit more seriously from time to time. They are also born leaders. For these reasons, funny traditionalists find Capricorn’s irresistible. Where Capricorn may be serious, they attract people who aren’t, which tends to help them lighten up a bit. Otherwise, they could turn into an all work and no play individual. Since they are stable and work hard to keep that stability in their life, Capricorn tends to attract people also looking for that sense of security. Perhaps these people are missing it in their lives at the moment, but they do want it – which is why they will lean towards a relationship with a Capricorn above any other sign.

8 Air Signs: Attract The Person Wearing A Facade

The zodiac signs that fall under the air element are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are free, fun loving individuals. They get along well with everyone and are always seeking new friendships. As sociable as this sign is they have no problem attracting people to them. However, the one type of person who can’t resist a Gemini happens to be a person wearing a facade. Air signs attract people who don’t always show their true selves immediately. Perhaps these people are a bit of players, maybe they’re pretending to like these they normally don’t like in order to impress you. Either way, the Air zodiac signs attract these sort of people, as well as people in general, because they emanate a kind, caring, friendly, and lovable personality.

7 Slightly Dull Individuals Can’t Resist An Exciting Gemini

Gemini is possibly the most sociable sign in the zodiac. They love meeting new people and get along with everyone they meet. This sign is always down for going somewhere or trying something new. Gemini attracts a lot of friendships and even relationship partners. However, the one type of person who can never seem to resist them is the slightly boring individual searching for a bit of excitement. This kind of person doesn’t do much or go out often, however, they are extremely attracted to this aspect of a Gemini. They will try to pretend they are just like them in order to get close to them and feel what it’s like to be as outgoing as the Gemini is. This will take them out of their comfort zones, but the energy that Gemini shares is contagious and will make anyone feel comfortable and confident.

6 The Person Who Has One Foot Out The Door Can’t Resist A Libra

Libra is the sign of the scale, which represents balance. So it’s no wonder that they tend to attract many people seeking balance and equality in their lives. Libra attracts potential partners that want an equal in a relationship. Although this is the kind of relationships they attract, Libra is nearly irresistible to individuals who always seem to have one foot out the door. Despite their need for balance, Libra tends to be a highly indecisive sign. In this case, like attracts like and Libra often finds themselves in the grey area between friendship and relationship with people who can’t make up their mind for what they want in the relationship. This kind of person is never completely serious or committed and they always seem to be drawn to, and to find their way into a Libra’s life.

5 The Players Can’t Resist The Kind-Hearted Aquarius

Aquarius are extremely kindhearted people. They always look for the good in others, and are always trying to be supportive of their friends. They also try to avoid conflict at all times. However, despite taking a more pacifist approach to life, this doesn’t mean they won’t stand up for what is right or defend the people they care about; because they will do so without hesitation. That being said, players often can’t resist making moves toward an Aquarius. They take their selflessness and caring nature as something they can take advantage of and think Aquarius will be forgiving of their actions. What they may not realize is while Aquarius will let a lot slide; they will stand up for themselves too. Like a moth to a flame, players are attracted to the warm hearts that are Aquarius.

4 Water Signs: Attract What They Need

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all water signs and share the same open nature. Water signs wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are genuine, sensitive, and willing to be the emotional support for anyone in need. These signs are not afraid to let you know how they feel or what they are looking for in life and in love. Their openness is what leads the Water signs to attract exactly what they want. This means they attract similar individuals who share the same goals, ambitions, and even fears of these signs. Whether it’s a best friend, an equal, or an complimentary personality, Water signs will attract the exactly what they need because they are upfront about it. Just as the Water signs are there for others in their time of need, they draw in the very people who they need to be in their lives.

3 The Best Friend Can’t Resist A Cancer

Cancer loves deeply. They love their partner, they love their friends and they love their families. They like to extend this love to almost everyone they meet, and will most likely treat a complete stranger with the same open, and kindhearted nature that they will treat their best friend. For this reason, Cancer attracts a lot of the best friend type of people. The best friend kind of person can’t resist Cancer’s ready to be friends with everyone attitude. They also love how in-tune to their feelings a Cancer can be. Their relationship will flow naturally, either remaining as a friend or developing further to potential relationship territories. Cancer is an easy sign to be friends with as they welcome everyone into their lives. With an open-hearted demeanor, it’s not unlikely for similar friendly individuals to find themselves irrevocably drawn to this sign.

2 Independent Individuals Can’t Resist A Scorpio

Scorpio is extremely confident in themselves. They know they can rely on themselves to complete any task and value their independent nature. Strong, and with a can-do anything attitude, it’s no wonder similarly independent individuals can’t resist a Scorpio. These signs are comfortable being on their own, and do value the commitment of a relationship. However, they’d sooner stay single and enjoy their freedom than to settle for a relationship that is wrong for them. It’s this strong will and self-assurance that makes them irresistible to other individuals that value their independence, as they feel they have a mutual understanding with Scorpio. Scorpio also attracts people seeking passion in their lives, as this sign embodies feeling intense emotions. Independent and passionate makes this sign attractive to many, and irresistible to those like them.

1 Extroverts Can’t Resist A Pisces

While many people may not consider Pisces to be an extrovert, they do seem to have a way of attracting them. As a matter of fact, extroverts are unable to resist more introverted Pisces. Loud and outgoing personalities seem drawn to the Pisces quiet nature as they appear to be lost in their own daydreams. This intrigues the outgoing individuals always seeking new ideas for things they can do and goals they can try to accomplish. They also love being the reason Pisces will start to come out of their shell. While they may have opposing personalities, and approaches to life, they tend to balance one another out. Extroverts will love how Pisces brings out a calmer side to them; whereas, Pisces love how outgoing individuals brings them out of their comfort zone more and more. Pisces may attract their opposites, but usually, they end up complimenting each other nicely.

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