The City You’re Meant To Live In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

When we look to the stars for guidance, we follow the principle of As Above, So Below. As the stars map out our destinies and shape the forces that flow through our lives, we should be open to this endless source of energy and inspiration. We are living during a time when the world is more accessible than ever, and with that comes the possibility of exposure to a myriad of cultures and histories that tell stories as complex as we are.

Certain cities have certain energies that resonate strongly with our signs. Not everyone is built to make it in New York in the same way that not everybody is destined to spend their whole lives in rural Finland. If you have the means to travel, you should prioritize that over anything else.

While the stars that shape the undercurrents of our lives will burn forever, our own lives are short. We don’t have eternity to access every beautiful thing on the planet, but we can do our best to find places where ourselves and our surroundings can complement each other. Being open to moving and relocating means setting clear goals and understanding how your strengths and weaknesses can influence your success in unison with the qualities influenced by your sign. Are you searching for comfort or action? Are you looking to settle into a routine, or do you want every day to be an adventure?

Here are 24 different cities meant for the men and women of each sign. We hope you’re down for the adventure!

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24 Aries Women: Miami, Florida

Imagine all the creative energy that Camila Cabello put into Havana but replace Cuba with Florida. Also, I’m pretty sure every single person in Miami has a cousin in Havana anyway. Miami is like another world. Big houses, palm trees, glass skyscrapers built right up against the beaches, DJ Khaled gently floating by on a jet ski. Miami is similar to Orange County in many ways, but the energy is both more Latin and ambitious – it’s still the east coast after all. Miami can be very cliquey and at first it might feel impossible to find your niche in a city full of extremely beautiful people, but Aries women are known for being courageous and passionate. Pretty soon you’ll be speaking Spanish as if your imaginary abuela taught you herself.

23 Aries Men: Bangkok, Thailand

Legally, as an Aries, you need to be surrounded by hundreds of people at all times. You need the opposite of a restraining order. A city like Bangkok, a bustling capital with amazing weather and loaded with people, is the perfect complement to the lingering sense of impatience that drives a lot of your decisions. Bangkok is weirdly affordable for a city of its size, and absolutely full of amazing shopping, food, and nightlife. You’ll never have to sleep again. Don’t worry about not fitting into Thai culture – Thais are friendly and well educated, and Bangkok is always host to a myriad of foreigners. Even if you can’t manage to make Bangkok your forever home, you’ll be missing the night markets and cafes before you’ve even left.

22 Taurus Women: Reykjavik, Iceland

If you’ve noticed everybody and their mother has traveled to Iceland this year, you’re definitely not alone. The country has been stepping up its tourism industry in order to boost the economy, and while immigrating to Iceland is incredibly difficult, Reykjavik is worth the trouble. Because the country is so small, you can get anywhere in hardly any time at all. As a Taurus, Reykjavik suits your reliable and pragmatic nature. It’s small, everyone knows each other, and everyone knows where they fit into society. Reykjavik has the added benefit of being surrounded by beautiful nature and full of adorable colorful buildings. While the landscape of Iceland can seem kind of mossy and hostile, it can actually be very calming – perfect for a Taurus who might be easily stressed. Visit Reykjavik ASAP and start looking for your new home!

21 Taurus Men: Denver, Colorado

On the flipside, a Taurus guy might need to address his practicality in a different way. A Taurus man needs to set himself up for a life of reliability and levelheadedness. That mostly means a house in the suburbs of a decent-sized city, a good vehicle, the trajectory towards starting a family and enjoying every major sports league there is. Denver has all of this for you and more. Although Denver has experienced heavy growth in the past 50 years, the city has preserved much of its older architecture, causing its core to have an eclectic mix of modern skyscrapers and Victorian lofts full of art spaces and condos. The proximity to the Rockies means skiing is obligatory, but even if that’s not your thing, there’s definitely a decent amount of other activities.

20 Gemini Women: Montréal, Québec

Uh-oh, Ms. Gemini. This city might be a challenge for you. Why? Because while it’s the second-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, it’s only a 1-hour flight from New York. Montréal is the perfect city to indulge in your curiosity. It’s a point of conjunction between French and English North American culture which permeates the entire city. It’s affordable, accessible, and full of young people – there are 4 major universities in close proximity to each other alongside a million smaller colleges. The food is amazing, with new restaurants opening every week, and the nightlife is literally to die for. Gemini women are adaptable, which means learning a new language will be a walk in the park for somebody like you. It helps that Montrealers are allowed to drink wine in their many parks too.

19 Gemini Men: San Francisco, California

As a Gemini man, your resourcefulness and adaptability can be applied similarly to a different circumstance. The tech industry in San Francisco is booming, showing no signs of slowing down, which is what makes it perfect for somebody with your skillset – or the capacity to develop the necessary skill set that would allow you to succeed in this city. Never mind the beautiful architecture, amazing food, that enormous famous bridge – San Francisco is the perfect city for you to live your best life simply because you’re up to the challenge. It’s pretty common for people in San Francisco to live with roommates because rent is so expensive, but take this as an opportunity to meet new people at a similar place in their lives to yours.

18 Cancer Women: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is literally the biggest city ever. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s the 13th biggest city ever, but you’d never be able to tell by being there. It just goes on forever. You could spend your whole life there and discover something new every day. Because the city is so big, its art scene is active and bountiful. As a Cancer woman, you need the crowds and competitiveness to balance your tenacity. You are artistic, loyal, and driven, which is why Sao Paulo is perfect for you. You will never have any shortage of inspiration for anything you create. You could meet the Brazilian man of your dreams, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s extremely improbable you’ll ever see him again. You know, because of the size and everything.

17 Cancer Men: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cancer men, while suffering from the least appealing astrological sign name, benefit from their place in the stars through their persuasiveness. Cancer men are also a bit temperamental. For this reason, a city like Buenos Aires is perfect for you. Like Sao Paulo, the city is absolutely enormous. Unlike Sao Paulo, you will probably still run into your ex, depending which neighborhoods you frequent. There is also a beach. Argentina has an insane cultural history, which is awesome for Cancers who need to be where the action is. People often remark that Buenos Aires is very European, which is true! Its buildings recall colonial Spain while the accent inflicted on their particular brand of Spanish has a very Italian flare. You truly cannot miss out on this city. There’s nowhere else like it.

16 Leo Women: Berlin, Germany

Creative types have been flocking to Berlin for years! They’re only missing you, Ms. Leo. While Germans are often stereotyped as being brazenly cold, this couldn’t be less true. While Germans value politeness and decorum, they are also extremely accommodating and kind – all of these qualities being shared by Leos. Berlin is perfect for you because it’s a sort of mecca for hipsters and artists. While German food leaves much to be desired, Berlin is full of doner kebab shops that are as affordable as they are delicious. You’ll never need to eat a vegetable again. But if you must, the vegan culinary scene is pretty lit for somewhere that’s not Southern California. Let yourself cultivate warmth and creativity in an environment that can support you – Berlin is your perfect match.

15 Leo Men: Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a Danish girl, but for some reason, they’re very beautiful. Everybody in Copenhagen is very beautiful, actually. Copenhagen is a sort of cultural midway point between Germany and Sweden, erring a bit more on the Scandinavian side while retaining a distinctly Germanic feel in its creative elements. As prices climb in Berlin, many artists are moving to Copenhagen in order to save. Copenhagen is chock full of beautiful streets and amazing architecture, as well as museums and galleries. As a Leo guy, the warmth of Denmark will draw you right in. One of the biggest buzzwords of this last year, Hygge, is a Danish word used to describe the comfort and warmth they cultivate – something Danes take quite seriously! Let yourself give in to Hygge and get yourself to Copenhagen ASAP.

14 Virgo Women: London, England

Virgo women are analytical, hard-working, and loyal. London is at the center of the western world, one of the most competitive job and housing markets. You would fit right in. Once the novelty of the usual sights and sounds has worn off – Big Ben, the London Eye, fried things – you’ll be able to settle into a routine that never gets boring. The restaurants in London are to die for, and while there are new ones opening all the time, London also has the benefit of having dozens of tried and true spots that have been open for literally a hundred years. You’ll also be able to reward your hard work with amazing shopping. Once you discover a niche in the city, you’ll find that while there are new things to discover every single day, you won’t have any trouble calling London home.

13 Virgo Men: Chicago, Illinois

Wait, isn’t Chicago really dangerous? Don’t they have all those shootings? Yeah, but don’t worry. Chicago is a beautiful city that is sort of like New York meets Cleveland – it’s huge, full of culture, but the people are slightly nicer. Except for the gun people. Hard sell? Stick to the “Hipster Guides” that list every single cool business and neighborhood so you’ll never set foot in the wrong place. Built right up on the shores of Lake Michigan, it sort of looks like Chicago is snuggled right up against the sea. It’s pretty beautiful, even in winter, and the canal that wraps through downtown is the next best place to take a picture of yourself beside the Bean. Like London, Chicago housing can be extremely expensive, but with your drive and stamina, you will be able to work something out. It’s not New York, after all.

12 Libra Women: Los Angeles, California

Libra Ladies! It’s finally time to pack up your life and move to LA. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Birkenstock wearing hippie who loves yoga or a fake blonde who loves Migos and spending all of your money on Uber, LA is perfect for you. As a Libra, you have the capacity to be cooperative and social. Los Angeles is not the kind of city where you can thrive by yourself, but it’s large and spread out enough to lose yourself if you’re not careful. That’s why you need a solid group of friends and a regular brunch schedule. The West Coast is truly the best coast. Even if you might find you tend to be reluctant to try new things, growing more comfortable with some routines as you grow older yourself give in to the chillness that permeates all of California. Maybe have a green juice.

11 Libra Men: New York City, New York

If nothing else, Libra men are diplomatic. They are also motivated and ambitious. While so many of these cities are befitting to people who thrive under competition, none of them present as much of a challenge as New York. New York isn’t really the center of the world, but you’d never know that by being there. As a Libra, your careful planning and insider knowledge will help you find the resources in New York that will help you stick out and succeed. You won’t fall victim to any mishaps that happen to the usual kinds who up-and-relocate to New York to start over (Hannah Horvath wasn’t a Libra and look what happened to her), so work the city to your advantage. You’re one of the few signs who can do this, and while you might not immediately view yourself as having the qualities of a leader, you’re strong enough to make it.

10 Scorpio Women: Moscow, Russia

Scorpio women are mysterious, secretive, and a little bit stubborn. As a country, Russia is all of these things. Plus, Moscow is actually pretty gorgeous, and so is everyone who lives there. The thing a lot of people don’t realize about Moscow is that while it’s technically a European city, cultural attitudes are very different than North America and Western Europe. The people of Moscow have friendly and warm interiors underneath intimidating fur wrapped exteriors, which is why you’d fit right in. Just make sure you brush up on your Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, don’t mention anything about the Olympics, and get used to the idea of wearing more fur than anyone in America would be comfortable with.

9 Scorpio Men: Cape Town, South Africa

For Scorpio men, there’s no better place in the world to be than the other side of it from their female Scorpio counterparts. Contrary to Moscow, Cape Town is always sunny and pretty diverse. As The Guardian pointed out, calling Cape Town “European” doesn’t do justice to the coming together of different cultures, languages, and people. So what makes Cape Town the perfect city for the Scorpio male? Romance. If you find that your relationships tend to start with intensity before fizzling out, Cape Town is a great place to enjoy the relaxed culture around dating. You can be loyal and you crave loyalty, but you can’t be chained down. Cape Town represents the unity of African history and progress. You might be tempted by logic to not dip your toe in, but the city is literally calling your name.

8 Sagittarius Women: Paris, France

As a Sagittarius, you are idealistic above everything else. What better city for the idealist than Paris? Paris Syndrome is a phenomenon experienced by Japanese tourists who visit Paris with an idealized notion of the city in their minds, only to become distraught when they realize that Paris shares the qualities of many normal cities: transit problems, garbage, smog. While you could use your time in Paris to get back in touch with whatever reality you’re floating away from, you are also capable of taking the experience and turning it into something valuable. You will find beauty in places that most people who visit Paris will miss. You will find romance sprouting up in truly unexpected places. It’s a perfect city to learn about yourself and grow in every possible way. It’s also great for Instagram.

7 Sagittarius Men: Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Sagittarius is funny but impatient. You need to be moving all the time. You are most comfortable sleeping while the world races around you. Totally understandable. There probably isn’t anywhere better for this than Tokyo. A city of almost 40 million people, you can lose yourself in the action daily without moving a muscle. The food is cheap, the nightlife is fantastic, and you’re bound to meet amazing people on every corner. Surround yourself with pretty lights and never sleep again. Once you tap into the energy that pushes you to go, go, go, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else that can match your pace. Maybe you’ll find love in Tokyo, maybe you’ll have a series of brief but lively affairs. Just don’t forget to slow down sometimes, just to stop and smell the ramen.

6 Capricorn Women: Stockholm, Sweden

Capricorn, I totally understand you. It’s hard to see yourself reflected in so many horoscopes because you have a certain complexity that’s hard to pin down. So does Stockholm. When wandering around Ikea and taking bites of Swedish meatballs and jam doesn’t do enough to transport you any more, pack your bag ASAP! You need the real thing. You are a person who is reasonable and disciplined, and you will probably find Scandinavian social habits to be very comfortable. Nobody will stand too close to you, but your new friends will be receptive to your curiosity and desire to discover Stockholm. Take the time to cultivate a sense of Lagom, the Swedish counterpart to Danish Hygge, and enjoy chocolates and coffee like you never have before. Stockholm is the perfect city for anybody with introverted tendencies. Just bring a jacket!

5 Capricorn Men: Oslo, Norway

Capricorn dudes are similarly disposed to Scandinavian tendencies of politeness and manners. But because men have more difficulty understanding their own emotions, and because Capricorns tend to operate within their own logical framework, you would somewhere just slightly more low-key than Stockholm. Welcome to Oslo! Immerse yourself in coffee, Vikings, and architecture. There’s almost nowhere else where the severity of Scandinavian landscape meets modern architecture so beautifully, but Oslo and its surrounding area are full of this. Oslo is notoriously expensive, but Norwegians are amongst Europe’s richest. With that comes a wealth of culture that often flies under the radar against its more prevalent Swedish neighbour (we’ve already touched on Ikea!). If nothing else about Oslo entices you, consider this: Norwegian women are very beautiful, very educated, and very smart. See you there.

4 Aquarius Women: Dublin, Ireland

There is so much more to Ireland than beer and rolling hills. Dublin is a dynamic city full of friendly people. While London across the Irish Sea is bustling at all hours of the day and night, Dublin is its underrated chill cousin. It’s big enough to have the feel of a proper city, a central jumping off point for the rest of Europe, but small enough to not be overwhelming and claustrophobic. Aquarius women are independent and progressive, and cities like Dublin are good for nurturing a progressive spirit. Among the old buildings and cobblestone streets are amazing restaurants, both traditional and ultra-modern, and a bustling cultural scene that does not fail to entertain. Dubliners are notoriously friendly. All it would take to make Dublin your home is an open mind, the desire to make friends, and a profound appreciation for curry fries.

3 Aquarius Men: Portland, Oregon

We get it, Mr. Aquarius. You need to get up and get out, move to where the action is. But you want a specific kind of action, the kind that involves art shows in peoples’ basements. You read the Date a Girl Who Reads essay a while ago and decided to make that your mantra. But you don’t want to just date a girl who reads – you need to date a vegan amateur tattoo artist who teaches Zumba and writes. This is why Portland is perfect for you. It’s far enough from LA to have seasons while hanging on to that West Coast chillness factor that brings people in droves. Portland is kind of like a weird in-between world where it seems like people don’t really grow up, but as an Aquarius, you’re not really materialistic and would blossom somewhere that’s not too competitive.

2 Pisces Women: Providence, Rhode Island

The best city for a Pisces woman to live is actually quite small, but near a bunch of major American cities to stop you from feeling too lost. Providence is a beautiful New England city with a gorgeous waterfront and amazing historical architecture. The city is rich with American history and full of amazing, beautiful homes. Why Providence? Because Pisces women are compassionate and gentle. Providence is actually pretty diverse for New England, and there’s plenty of opportunities to give back to the community and participate in its rich culture. When you’re tired of the amazing buildings and gorgeously stocked museums, the sea is a short drive away. There is nothing that can calm the sensitivity of a Pisces girl like a calm breeze rolling off the Atlantic.

1 Pisces Men: Vancouver, British Columbia

Pisces men, while as compassionate and gentle and their female counterparts, tend to err more on the escapist and imaginative side of things. You are a very intuitive guy. Although it is one of the most expensive cities in Canada in terms of cost of living, Vancouver is the perfect city for you. Its downtown core is extremely beautiful while being close to the water and close to the mountains. The tall buildings are made of beautiful glass that reflects the sky in its unique Vancouver way. You need to balance your career ambitions with good food, good drinks, and amazing coffee – all of which Vancouver has in spades. When you’re sick of the hustle and bustle, you can pop out of the city and climb up to any one of the hundreds of mountains that fill the area. Maybe you’ll finally try doing yoga here, too.

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