Myths Debunked: Here’s The Real Truth About Your Zodiac Sign

If you know anything about the zodiac, chances are the thing you’re most likely to have internalized first are the stereotypes that fit each sign. Some of those things are positive, but more often than not, these things are negative. Think about the last time you talked to someone about your zodiac sign or someone else’s sign. When you mentioned the sign, was it just acknowledged as a fact of life or was it treated like a ding on that person’s scorecard? I can actually describe several instances where I was asked about the sign of someone I was dating or even considering dating, only to be met with opposition because of the stereotypes of that sign. It kind of sounds ridiculous, but then again, stereotypes, in general, are pretty ridiculous.

In reality, the twelve signs of the zodiac are a lot more complicated than many people think. A sign that is seen as cautious and prickly can actually be very open and warm-hearted. The signs that are seen as impulsive and uncaring are actually just adventurers at heart. The signs that are seen as flaky or detached are just imaginative. More often than not, we grow and change, leaving behind the bad habits that make us fall into these zodiac stereotypes. It’s time to debunk the myths about the zodiac signs and talk about what’s real. So, here are the myths and the realities of every zodiac sign. Make sure you check out your moon sign as well for an added perspective on why you are the way you are!

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24 Aries Myth: Loud, Angry, And Enjoys Conflict

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The Aries sign is seen as a little bit too simple. This has a lot to do with the Aries sign’s direct personality. The negative stereotype for the Aries sign is that they are loud and cannot be subtle to save their lives. The Aries sign is also seen as angry to the point that they can’t be trusted to act like adults when it really counts. For all of the Aries straightforwardness, people born under this sign are seen as people who like conflict and will even push for conflict if nothing is really happening. The average Aries is really charismatic, but on the negative side, they can be seen as manipulative if they’re good at using social situations to their advantage and brash if they can’t.

23 Aries Reality: Doesn’t Know How To Express Emotions In A Way That Isn’t Physical

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In reality, the average Aries is deeply emotional and wants nothing more than to connect with people in a straightforward, consistent way. They tend to relate to the world in the physical, not bothering too much with the abstract, so it’s really hard for them to be seen as anything more than what they come across as. However, for the right person, the Aries attitude of “what you see is what you get” is perfect. People born under the sign of Aries don’t care much for drama, and if they’re in a situation where people are trying to start a fight with them, they will finish that fight with extreme prejudice. The main issue the average Aries tends to have is their inability to express their emotions in a more subtle way. Tact isn’t in the Aries vocabulary, but honestly, that can be a really great thing.

22 Taurus Myth: Lazy, Pessimistic, And Eats A Lot

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The Taurus stereotype seems to revolve around laziness. Tauruses are the kind of people who love the finer things and enjoy being pampered, so many people think that they’d rather be pampered than do anything that even looks like work. Tauruses are also seen as people who really like eating, to the point that some zodiac aficionados tend to make that the only personality trait worth talking about for this sign. Tauruses are also people who tend to be practical, and for some people, practicality automatically translates to pessimism. For some people, the Taurus is the person who’s going to rain on every parade and focus on everything terrible, making it so other signs can’t have any fun.

21 Taurus Reality: Enjoys The Finer Things In Life And Works Hard To Be Able To Do That

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In reality, the Taurus sign is a sign that works harder than most and will take on any burden necessary in order to make things happen for those around them. Tauruses enjoy luxury and relaxing and will make time to take care of themselves no matter what their schedules look like, but that’s not all the Taurus is. In actuality, the Taurus is a sign that will punctuate their periods of relaxation with periods of hard work. This is a sign that makes it a point to earn everything they have: they’re uncomfortable with charity and want to be the person that takes care of the people they love. This is also a sign that likes food, but again, that’s not the only Taurus trait worth talking about. On the contrary, Tauruses are signs that value the finer things so much that their tastes when it comes to food are really refined. They’re actually some of the pickiest eaters in the zodiac.

20 Gemini Myth: Two-Faced And Fake

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The Gemini stereotype is that the charisma and charm that they possess actually hide their extreme fakeness and they’re actually really two-faced. Geminis are the sign that people think has multiple personalities because of their constant mood swings and general moodiness. A Gemini can be happy and content one moment and be snarling angrily and crying hysterically the next: you’re never going to know what you’re going to get with this sign. For some people, this sign is so emotional as to be unhealthy and so changeable that they can’t be relied on for anything. They’re seen as flakes for their moods and considering how easy it is to distract a Gemini with some new idea or even with their own inner thoughts, people feel like this opinion has merit.

19 Gemini Reality: Has Too Much Going On To Only Have One Persona, Actually Super Adaptable

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Geminis, in reality, aren’t so much moody as they are changeable, and they’re not even so much changeable as they are adaptable. Geminis can alter themselves to fit any situation: what most people see as multiple personalities are actually just a Gemini using their social skills to smoothly become what the situation needs. Geminis are people who can get along with anyone because of this quality. Geminis are also really smart, smarter than a lot of other signs. They tend to be overlooked when it comes to intelligence because of their fellow Air signs, Libra and Aquarius, but Gemini has something that both of those signs lack: a genuine ability to get along with people that they didn’t have to learn along the way.

18 Cancer Myth: Weak, Fragile, Way Too Emotional

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Cancers are known for being the most emotional sign of the zodiac, by far. This is true regardless of gender: every Cancer wears their hearts on their sleeves and doesn’t really know how to live any other way. However, the Cancer stereotype is that they genuinely don’t know how to turn off the waterworks for literally any reasons. For most people, Cancers are the crybabies of the zodiac: even if they’re just sitting there not showing emotion, they’re just big bubbling pots of drama below the surface. This also leads some people to believe that Cancers are some of the craziest people of the zodiac because of that emotionality. After all, if they’re always thinking with their hearts and not their heads, how are they possibly going to get anything done?

17 Cancer Reality: Their Emotions Make Them Strong And You Never Know What To Expect From Them

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In reality, Cancers are people who are strong below their emotional exteriors. Actually, there are a lot of Cancers who make it a point never to show their emotions at all, unless they really have a reason to. Some Cancers are more overtly emotional and straightforward about their feelings, but others will remain unflappable until a point of no return when anyone who’s crossing them will regret ever tangling with them. Cancers are much stronger than even they give themselves credit for, which is why they’re among the most underestimated signs. Cancers actually tend to have lower self-esteem because they’re constantly underestimating themselves. Once a Cancer really comes into their own, they really own their emotions and see them as a strength, making it so no one ever knows what to expect from them.

16 Leo Myth: Vain, Egocentric, Self-Centered

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Leos are the drama queens of the zodiac, the biggest attention seekers and the ones who are the most self-centered. At least, that’s the stereotype, anyway. For some people, if you have Leo anywhere on your star chart at all, it’s almost like an accusation that you cause drama wherever you go. It’s really unfair, but depending on how mature the Leo is, it can be very true. Leos are the people who know how to make things about them, to the point where other people find it really easy to put them on a pedestal. Leos are also the sign that many people think is most likely to have a totally overblown ego and the ones who are least likely to listen to any sort of criticism, even if that criticism is warranted.

15 Leo Reality: Takes Pride In Themselves And What They Do, Constantly Trying To Better Themselves

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In reality, Leos are the sign that’s all about bettering themselves and improving their station in life. Leos are stubborn, but their stubbornness is different and more subtle than that of other Fixed signs like Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Leos aren’t necessarily egomaniacs, they’re people who take a lot of pride in themselves, so they’ll make it a point to look their best so they look as good on the outside as they want to be on the inside. For Leos, there’s always something they can improve. They don’t love being put on the pedestal that the world seems to want to put them on, even if they do appreciate the attention from time to time. Leos just want to be the best person they can and the more mature Leos end up doing that.

14 Virgo Myth: Loner, Cold, Socially Awkward

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Virgos get a bad reputation for being socially awkward that isn’t entirely undeserved. For a Mutable sign, Virgos aren’t all that great at adapting to social situations. They’d honestly rather be left alone at all costs. Virgos are the type to bury themselves in details that might not mean anything to anyone else. That can be great because not too many other signs are as committed to sweating the small things as Virgos are and someone definitely has to. The major problem with this is that Virgos would rather sweat the details than deal with their emotions, leading to a lot of Virgos stunting their own emotional growth by refusing to look inward. Virgos tend to be loners because of this, which is sad because Virgos actually don’t dislike people. It’s all a myth, though, because Virgos have a different side to them.

13 Virgo Reality: Loves Talking To People But Needs Alone Time – Is Shy, But A Supportive Friend

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In reality, Virgos are people who don’t mind dealing with big picture stuff or even dealing with emotions and feelings. They love their friends and will be just as supportive and kind as any other sign, but they just need some alone time to balance that out. More importantly, Virgos have the gift of discernment, so when they choose to trust someone, they’re doing it because they know that they know that the person is trustworthy. If a Virgo is telling you someone is bad news, listen to them: they have a gut sense about people that is just second to none. Virgos tend to be a bit shy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come out of their shell. It just means that they’ll do it on their own time and when they feel most comfortable.

12 Libra Myth: Fake, Indecisive, Shallow

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The myth about Libras is actually something that can be ascribed to the most immature of this sign. That myth is that Libras are the worst at making decisions. Anyone who’s ever needed to wait on a Libra’s decision knows this struggle: they want to make the right decision so they’ll weigh their options for as long as they can literally drag things out. This can be a good thing for some people, but a lot of signs are too impatient to deal with that kind of thing, so Libras end up getting a bad reputation for it. Libras also tend to have a reputation for being fake and shallow because of their emphasis on appearances and first impressions.

11 Libra Reality: Wants To Make Everyone Happy, Wants The World To Be Fair

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In reality, Libras aren’t indecisive at all. Rather, Libras understand what it means to make a decision and stick to it, so they want to make sure that they’re doing the right thing for everyone involved. Libras think ahead and are always considering the consequences of their actions. It’s for that reason that Libras are constantly questioning how they think and why they think certain things because they think it’s important to know why they think the way they do. More than that, Libras think globally: they want the world to be fair and will do what they can to make sure they are operating with good intentions. This all stems from the need Libras have to make sure everyone is happy, and they’ll do whatever they can to make that happen, even if it’s at the cost of their own happiness. 

10 Scorpio Myth: Hates People, Obsessive, Self-Destructive

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Scorpios get a really weird reputation, and while it might seem bad for some people, Scorpios themselves have no problem really leaning into this reputation if they know it’ll get them somewhere. Scorpios have a reputation for not really liking people that much, and worse, they’re thought to not treat people very well either. Scorpios are so intense that they end up hurting themselves in a lot of ways before they realize what they’ve done, and that’s not to discount the destruction they can wreak on other people’s lives. Scorpios, according to the negative stereotype, like to see themselves as dark and mysterious, sacrificing their communication skills to put out that particular aura. That’s why it’s hard for Scorpios who haven’t done a ton of growing to forge relationships with people that are healthy, romantic or otherwise.

9 Scorpio Reality: Afraid Of Opening Up To Others, Passionate About Everything They Do

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In reality, the Scorpio stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. While Scorpios can be really intense and like to play up their own mysteriousness, they’re honestly not the type to try and hurt people on purpose. They’re just afraid of opening up to others, so they like to portray themselves as consistently unflappable. If they appear emotionally invincible, no one will try and hurt them. Scorpios tend to feel less comfortable expressing themselves verbally and much more comfortable expressing themselves physically, which is why they tend to have very physically demonstrative relationships. That’s not necessarily because Scorpios have dirty minds or like that more than any other sign (although sometimes they do), it’s because they feel like they can really say how they feel about a person that way without making themselves too vulnerable.

8 Sagittarius Myth: Happy And Optimistic, But Totally Uncaring

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The Sagittarian stereotype is that every single Sagittarius is a happy, optimistic person who’s constantly looking for fun and nothing else. Other signs tend to see Sagittarius as flaky, and that’s the biggest negative stereotype for this sign. Sagittarians are pretty notorious for not taking commitments very seriously, preferring to casually date over getting serious with anyone. Other signs also tend to see them as the type to not bother with bettering themselves and even the type to be lazy. Their ambitions are more geared towards travel and experiences than accomplishments. Despite this happy and optimistic demeanor, Sagittarians come off like they don’t care about anything, to the point that they’re largely considered one of the most unfeeling signs in the zodiac. For people born under this sign who haven’t bothered to learn anything about themselves and grow as people, these things could very well be true.

7 Sagittarius Reality: Impulsive, But Very Caring, Stays Optimistic To Inspire Those Around Them

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Most Sagittarians have grown beyond their uncaring phase, and the reality of this sign is that they do care very deeply about a lot of things. Sure, the Sagittarius sign is one of the most impulsive, charging into things quickly and easily. However, this doesn’t mean Sagittarians don’t think about their actions before they do things. Rather, it means that Sagittarians handle the things in their life with conviction, not wanting to expend effort on something that they don’t care about. Sagittarians are optimistic, but they’re not naive: they’re positive because they want to inspire the people around them to do the same. Sagittarians would also rather be positive and optimistic than deal with the possibility that things can and do go wrong, so that attitude is kind of like a band-aid on their real feelings. Sagittarians tend to come off as flaky, but in reality, this sign acts decisively and makes things happen if they’re passionate about what they’re doing.

6 Capricorn Myth: Boring, Stick In The Mud, Workaholic

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Capricorns often get treated like they’re the biggest sort of sticks in the mud. Capricorns are ambitious to a fault and don’t like to take their focus off of their goals for any reason, so they come off like people who don’t like to have any fun. To make matters worse, Capricorns aren’t really dreamers in the way that other signs are, so they come off like wet blankets to people who like to dream big. Capricorns focus on the here and now of what they can accomplish, which can be admirable, but for most people, this sign just seems boring and a little too stodgy. Capricorns are also seen as people who don’t know how to be funny or even how to talk to people without relating it to their own special interest.

5 Capricorn Reality: Hates Working, But Wants To Be Successful, Aspires To Achieve So As Not To Be A Disappointment

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In reality, Capricorns honestly hate working. That sounds so weird compared to how everyone seems to think about this sign, but it’s true. Capricorns don’t like to work, but they do like success, so they’ll do what they need to do to get it. They understand that if they work really hard now, they don’t have to work later because they’ll have accomplished what they want to accomplish. Capricorns seem like they don’t like people, but they tend to keep themselves at a distance from people because they’re honestly really afraid of letting people down. They’re the type that wants to provide for the people they care about to the point where they might even forget about themselves a little bit. This sign isn’t selfish or overly ambitious at all. They want to achieve everything so they can give everything to other people.

4 Aquarius Myth: Weird, Detached, And Flaky

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Aquarians are some of the most enigmatic people because to all the other signs, they’re just weird. They’re not even the kind of weird that could be considered endearing under the right circumstances, they’re weird in the sense that other signs might even see them as making it up or exaggerating their weirdness to make a point to other people. Aquarius is also seen as a sign that is cold and detached to comical proportions, to the point that other signs think that this sign literally can’t relate to anyone that isn’t a lot like themselves. Aquarians are also one of the flakiest signs of the zodiac because of their penchant to live entirely inside their heads and forget what’s going on in the real world. I’m an Aquarius myself and I can tell you that a lot of the worst Aquarian traits, while overly exaggerated, come from a real place.

3 Aquarius Reality: Both Idealistic And Logical, Likes To Know Everything About Everything

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As an Aquarius myself, I can tell you that while this sign has its weak points, the reality of the sign is that it’s extremely caring and intelligent. While Aquarians can be logical, even coldly so, this sign is also really idealistic and likes to believe the best of people. Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, meaning that they don’t just care about certain people, they care about the world at large and think about things on a huge, sometimes even global scale. Some Aquarians like to keep their distance from the rest of the world, but others love being in the thick of things and being the center of attention. While some Aquarians can be hyper-focused on just a few things, others have a wide variety of interests. Regardless, this sign loves learning and acquiring knowledge: expect the Aquarians in your life to be like encyclopedias, but in a good way.

2 Pisces Myth: Either Always Sleeping Or Always Crying, Naive

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The Pisces stereotype is that this sign is either always sleeping or always crying with no middle ground in between. Actually, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint a negative stereotype to debunk for this sign because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and reflects all eleven signs that came before it. People born under this sign can be really emotional to the point where they can’t function when something really small happens. Other people born under this sign can be total emotional rocks who never show their emotions for even a second. Regardless, this sign gets a bad reputation for being really naive about everything. This doesn’t just mean that they’re gullible, it means that they believe the best in everything and everyone even when all the evidence shows that they shouldn’t. This is why a lot of people born under this sign end up walking right into some drama they didn’t need to be in.

1 Pisces Reality: Wants There To Be More To Life, Is The Most Imaginative Person Ever

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In reality, the Pisces sign is a sign that isn’t quite naive, they’re just idealistic. People born under this sign want to escape the world they’re living in now and live in a world where things are fair and everyone is happy. They want there to be more to life, but more than that, this sign just wants to not be underestimated like they generally are. Sure, this sign can be really emotional, but that emotionality is just one layer of the complex Pisces personality. This sign is low-key one of the most savage when it comes to their sense of humor and how they handle drama. Much like this sign finishes off the zodiac, this sign finishes off any conflict and walks out unscathed. This sign is also really imaginative and artistic, so they’re happiest when they’re creating things.

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