Here’s Which Zodiac Sign You’d Want To Have On A Deserted Island With You (His & Hers)

Haven’t you ever played a good game of ‘Would You Rather’? What about the deserted island edition? Well, it’s time to level it up by including some zodiac stats in the mix. You’d be surprised at some of these mixes, but it’s also pretty intriguing to see who makes the best combos in the zodiac when they’re put in a tough situation.

Our zodiac signs can reveal many things, including what we can usually handle, things we lack, and what characteristics are needed to keep us balanced. No one is perfect, just like no one zodiac sign is ideal. But seriousness aside, it’s fun to think about the kind of partner you would need if you were ever in a situation where you’re stuck on a deserted island.

Think about it. What can you put up with? What are you super unsure of within yourself? For all of us, there is plenty that we know we are in shortage of. But in order to survive this kind of situation, you have to keep in mind that you need to be entertained, get your needs met, and also make up for what isn’t exactly your expertise. Let’s face it, if you’re going to survive being stuck on a desert island with just one other person, it’s important to be realistic. After all, you’re going to need to survive physically and mentally.

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24 Gemini Man: The Libra Would Be Perfect Since He Needs To Lead Someone


The Gemini man needs change and excitement in his life. This is possible, but in all of the wrong ways, if they ever became stranded on a deserted island. They need a sign that can keep up with them, but also be willing to be lead into their world willingly. Libra’s can make great followers—not a dis!

Are you surprised by the fact that the Gemini man needs to lead as well? Lucky for him, the Libra is willing to learn from him and is full of surprises to keep him entertained as well. In turn, the Libra will enjoy the complexities that come with trying to understand the Gemini man. He is adventurous, and the Libra is so ready for any adventures that are to come.

23 Gemini Woman: Another Gemini, Since She Loves To Chat And Needs Someone Just As Talkative

The Unreal Life

Gemini women can be real talkers. There’s a reason they tend to lead the conversations that they are a part of; because they have so much to say. It’s not necessarily anything worthy either, but they enjoy being the ones with all of the talking points. It only makes sense to pair a Gemini woman with another Gemini who will understand her need to have an opinion on everything.

She also needs someone willing to actually listen to her and what she has to say. Otherwise, it’s likely that she’ll try to go off on her own in this situation. And when it comes to deserted islands, you’re better off together rather than on your own. She enjoys speaking her mind, so another Gemini will understand that she means no harm wither words.

22 Capricorn Man: Needs The Motivation That Only A Taurus Can Give

A Capricorn guy can be just as you imagined a standard man to be. He likes to have his ego stroked and can accomplish almost anything so long as he is constantly motivated. He works better with a partner rather than on his own. On the other hand, the Capricorn man will have a hard time revealing this to anyone. It takes the emotional intelligence of a Taurus to pick up on these things over time, and satisfy the Capricorn.

Of course, the Taurus is fantastic as taking care of other emotionally. And they’ll enjoy the positivity that is reflected back at them from a nourished Capricorn man. The Capricorn man is often labeled ‘difficult’ because of their lack of communication, but the Taurus knows how to bring out his best.

21 Capricorn Woman: Makes The Perfect Power Duo With Virgo

A Capricorn woman is often overlooked, but that’s a big mistake! She is low maintenance and very quick witted. This often lands her into trouble since it’s hard to take her seriously. That’s why a Virgo would benefit her. The Virgo knows exactly what it’s like to be overlooked and stepped over, and can inspire the Capricorn woman to reveal her best assets.

She is a rock for the Virgo to lean on, and the Virgo will appreciate her most for this since they are often stuck in their heads. The Capricorn woman will keep the Virgo centered and focused, and the Virgo will help her realize that she is capable of anything. Together, they could make the best out of being stuck on a deserted island like no other combo.

20 Taurus Man: Can Make All Of The Hard Decisions That A Pisces Can’t


The Pisces is one complicated sign. Even worse, is their inability to make decisions when things get rough. They are constantly second-guessing themselves, even if they don’t show it, and find it hard to have confidence in their choices. The Taurus man, on the other hand, has no problem making decisions, no matter how unpopular they may be.

He makes for a good leader because of this. When there is someone in need of his leadership, he will happily take his place as a major player. The Pisces will make him feel needed and will take initiative when the Taurus needs a break. He also needs to be kept constantly busy, and the Pisces will have no problem coming up with a list of chores for him to rightfully complete.

19 Taurus Woman: Needs The Nurturing Of A Cancer


A Taurus woman is often seen in the light of a mother. She may be the one to cook and clean, and of course, care for the people she loves. But she also needs to be nurtured in return. The Cancer will definitely be up to the task of making sure that the Taurus woman is well taken care of so she can go about her business.

In the end, she will be a stable partner for the Cancer, who hold a very deep, insecure streak among the rest of the zodiac signs. The Cancer needs to feel safe, and the Taurus knows exactly to achieve this kind of healthy harmony between the two signs that will help live a long and happy life even if they’re stuck on a deserted island.

18 Aquarius Man: Capable Of Fixing Anything With A Pisces By His Side


The Aquarius man doesn’t exactly wear his heart on his sleeve like a Pisces might. However, the Pisces can quickly inspire him to turn over a new leaf. They begin to create a very compassionate bond, which is new for the Aquarius, but much needed if they plan on surviving the wild together.

On their island, the Aquarius will be the one to build their roof and invent ways for the two to survive. While the Pisces offers him a much-needed break from the realities of their situation. With a realistic thinker like Aquarius, the mental break is essential for them to survive in the end. Problems are rare between these two signs, and the Aquarius will feel as if they can fix any situation with their thinking combined with the Pisces dreamy wonders.

17 Aquarius Woman: Can Adventure Off With Gemini


Gemini and Aquarius have the ability to be kindred spirits when their relationship is healthy. Of course, the pressures of being stuck on an island can cause some chaos, but they know that they are better together. They can easily start a very intimate conversation with each other that lasts for hours without them even realizing.

The Aquarius has more fun with others than on their own, and the Gemini can’t stand being alone either. The Gemini can tend to venture off on their own, but the Aquarius also has an adventurous streak that these too can relate to. They respect boundaries and know how to leave one another alone when they’ve overstayed their welcome. Of course, this situation would be common on a deserted island.

16 Cancer Man: Would Love To Protect The Virgo


Leave it to the Cancer man to be the perfect mix of tender and tough. Yes, they tend to be quite insecure, but are highly compassionate signs. Virgo’s can show them a thing or two about controlling their emotions, but Virgos are also a softer sign that needs to feel safe. Imagine this on a deserted island! The Cancer man will happily swoop down and become the Virgo’s protector.

In return, the Virgo will go out of their way to make sure the Cancer feel secure in their current situation, and if properly nurtured. The Virgo is often a sign that cares for other however they are needed, and they are happy to do so as well. Virgo’s are natural caretakers, and the Cancer will become stronger with them by their side.

15 Cancer Woman: Relates Best To The Goals Of A Taurus


There’s a reason that they call the Taurus a goal getter. Leave it to them to want to build a village on an abandoned island, even if they know it will just be them and another person. The Cancer woman appreciates the Taurus’ skills and motivation, which will move her to join in and cut that task list in half.

These two can achieve a lot in very little time when given the opportunity. And of course, they’ll have all the time in the world if they are stuck together on a remote island. The Taurus isn’t a great communicator overall, but with the Cancer woman to do all of the talking, the Taurus instantly builds a healthy bond with them. The two are quite intelligent so they won’t have any awkward moments to sulk about.

14 Pisces Man: Will Never Get Bored Of The Scorpio

The Scorpio can be pretty intense to the Pisces initially. There may be a delay in a good friendship or relationship between the two. But the Pisces will always come back for more because they are drawn to the Scorpio’s infamous charm and mystery. The Scorpio keeps them guessing, and the Pisces soon begins to understand the Scorpio ways.

It is rare if these two have any miscommunication. They are both good at speaking their minds, and the Pisces will surely put themselves in a Scorpio’s shoes to try and understand them. The Pisces requires the Scorpio to be tender, and they can train themselves to be this way over time. Let’s face it, you have all of the time in the world when you’re stuck on an island together.

13 Pisces Woman: Needs To Be Brought Back To Reality By Capricorn

Seeing as how otherworldly a Pisces can be, it’s no surprise that they are often mesmerized and need to be brought down to reality. Other signs may find this annoying about them, but the ultra-rational Capricorn makes for the perfect back-to-earth moment. Their differences are actually appealing to the two. They want to understand each other rather than initially reject one another.

The Pisces woman inspires the Capricorn to get in touch with a deeper side, which is quite an entertaining shock to the Capricorn. The spontaneity of the Pisces will serve to benefit both parties. She needs a mental escape, and frankly, so does the Capricorn, even if they don’t know it yet. They might not communicate very well, but it’s their tenacity in trying to understand each other that will win.

12 Sagittarius Man: Will Remain Blissfully Distracted By The Cancer

The Sagittarius man’s intentions aren’t always clear seeing as how unstable his emotions tend to be. He can really be the life of the party, but when it is just him on a remote island with one other sign, it should probably be a Cancer. The Cancer will probably have traits that the Sagittarius man will be in desperate need of, he just won’t know it.

The Cancer is more grounded and can help the Sagittarius get in touch with reality. While the Sagittarius man loves wild adventures, being trapped on a remote island is like a dream. He can create his own world with the help of the Cancer, who will help scale all of his grand ideas and make them more achievable. When it is just the two of them, the Sagittarius man will learn to become more reliable.

11 Sagittarius Woman: Wants A Wild Card Like Aries To Keep Them Entertained

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Give the Sagittarius a remote island, and you might bore her to death. She needs someone with her, and she needs an unpredictable wild card like the Aries. Aries is not an easy sign in general, most likely thanks to their super ego. However, they are very energetic and optimistic, which the Sagittarius woman feeds off of.

The Aries is capricious, and the Sagittarius woman loves this since she is known as a traveler, and maybe even a nomad to others. On the deserted island, she finally feels at home and can help the Aries adjust to being stuck somewhere where they can’t be worshiped or have their ego stroked 24/7. The two realize that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought, and they are also ready for adventure at a moments notice.

10 Libra Man: Can Conquer Any Obstacles With Gemini


These air signs have incredible compatibility because there are so many traits that each has that are identical to one another. The Libra man can seem pretty dependent on their partner, so if they are going to trapped on an island together, the other person has to be open to having a clingy companion.

These two are social butterflies, so you can imagine the conversations that they would be ready to share while they’re building a home on the remote island. They will have no problem getting along, and will genuinely enjoy each other’s company. This kind of kinship is sure to survive the drama of being trapped on an island without another soul in sight. The Libra will learn to enjoy the Gemini’s spontaneity.

9 Libra Man: Needs The Confidence Of An Aries To Fight His Indecision

Think of Aries and Libra as Mars and Venus. Venus is light and beautiful and full of love. Mars is often seen as fiery, hot-headed, but instinctive. These two will have a huge problem in the trust department. It is something that both have to build on, but with time it can get better. And time is all they will have on a remote island.

The Aries can stroke his own ego, while the Libra can sit in fascination and learn a thing or two in self-love. The Libra man is often indecisive. They aren’t exactly the best contender when it comes to making tough decisions. That’s why the Aries man will need to gladly step in and take the reins. They can teach the Libra to be more confident.

8 Scorpio Man: Works In Harmony With Cancer


Scorpios have the best chance of being understood by a Cancer. They are often seen as a darker sign, but the truth is that they’re simply misunderstood. Really, it’s their ability to emotionally repress themselves that causes them to reveal their dark side. The Cancer is not afraid of to witness this thanks to their innate curiosity.

The Cancer needs someone by their side who they can count on, and see as they’ll be trapped on an island together, they have no choice but to get to know one another. It’s as if they can communicate telepathically at some point. These two signs are highly intelligent and can quickly form a bond once the Scorpio opens up and embraces the possibilities of their situation with the Cancer.

7 Scorpio Woman: Can Conquer The World With Aquarius


This is a very intense combo, that can only work out when both parties are open to remaining real with one another. There is absolutely no trust between them at first. It’s not that they’re not both honest or straightforward, it’s that they are both very cold at first and take time to warm up.

But eventually, the Scorpio woman can be much clearer with her train of thought. And they realize that the Aquarius can make a very strong partner when it comes to surviving together on a deserted island. They are both very strong independent signs. They can divvy up all of the hard work and build a very easy alliance together that will make for a satisfying adventure. At the very least, they are entertained by one another.

6 Virgo Man: Craves The Mind Games Of A Gemini To Keep Him Alert


When it comes to logic, the Virgo man is a person moved only by reason. He enjoys that he is more of an intellectual than most are used to, but you should consider him more book smart than street smart. On the other hand, the Gemini really confuses the Virgo man. The Gemini seems like a dual personality to him.

In fact, without knowing, the Gemini is soon playing mind games with the Virgo man, which keeps him intrigued. In reality, the Gemini is just being themselves. It takes a while for these to click, but eventually, they do. And the Gemini will keep the Virgo on his feet, while also keeping him amused. These two are both ruled by Mercury, making them highly intellectual which can keep them both distracted from the realities of such a situation.

5 Virgo Woman: Needs The Easygoing Streak Of Taurus


The Virgo woman can be more complex than you think. She may be more of an introvert than you’re used to, but patience is key in getting her to open up and reveal her true potential. Virgos are often stuck in their own heads, debating things on their own and within themselves. The Taurus is much easier going and understands the need for patience when it comes to communicating with others.

The Taurus will make sure that the Virgo is not too hard on herself, as she tends to be. They can also teach the Virgo more about their grounded ways. After all, the Taurus understands that they are going to have all of the time in the world to complete the Virgo’s endless list of tasks and to-dos.

4 Aries Man: Needs To Kill The Dull Moments With Aquarius

An Aries man can get very bored, which is why they opt not to spend any time alone as much as possible. The Aquarius knows how to make their own fun, and doesn’t feel the need to wait for others to fall in line in order to do so. When egos collide, it could be a disaster, or very exciting.

On a good note, these two can make for an excellent support system for one another. Plus, they’re both balls of energy so if one of them drops, the other has no problem picking the other back up and getting ready for another exciting adventure. They understand each other’s need for space, and often times can wind up having a genuinely good time doing anything.

3 Aries Woman: Will Make Sparks In Any Situation With Sagittarius


The Aries woman is a fire sign. Don’t get scared now. That just means that she can be one passionate lady when it comes to the things and people that she loves. In order to make things work on a deserted island, she needs someone who is just as strong as she is. In comes the Sagittarius. At first, the Sagittarius can be off-putting to her. She doesn’t get them.

But soon enough, she will realize how fun-loving and spirited a Sagittarius can really be. The Aries woman is a sign of action, as is the Sagittarius. This means that they can get a lot of things accomplished, and together it’s as if they are conquering the world. They both need honesty, and in return give it so their bond is genuine.

2 Leo Man: Can Be Like Mr. & Mrs. Smith With Aries

You may wonder why the Leo is so into themselves. They are energized by the sun, which rules itself. He is a lion, and maybe for his own good he needs to be tamed. That’s why a headstrong Aries makes sense. The Aries isn’t afraid of the lion’s roar, which is perfect. The Leo man needs a challenge, and often lets others fall by the wayside when they are too intimidated by him.

Aries is ruled by aggressive Mars, but these fire signs make heat, which isn’t such a bad thing when they’re left on their own on a deserted island. When they get past the ego, these two realize that they have a lot in common, and make better friends than enemies. Best case scenario, they eventually cut loose on the mind games and make the perfect team.

1 Leo Woman: Can Divide And Accomplish Goals With Sagittarius


These two fire signs are as similar as you think. The Leo is fixed, and the Sagittarius is mutable. This can make for a very warm bond. The two really enjoy each other’s company and get along very well. But it can be Leo’s ego that rubs the Sagittarius the wrong way. The Sagittarius has no need to compete with the Leo, but the Leo may see things another way.

The Sagittarius understand the Leo more than they may know, so it really is up to the Leo to push past all of the bells and whistles and form a real bond together. They can quickly become best friends, and make the island a true paradise when they let go of the superficial and petty possible arguments.

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