Here’s The Five Things That Ignite Your Spirit, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are many things in the world that make us happy. On a larger, more philosophical level, we’re happy when we get to wake up in the morning and live another day. While we might not be happy with our lives all the time, in the long run getting another day to do things is a blessing. We’re happy when we see people around us getting along and we get to live our lives drama-free. On a micro level, we’re happy when we accomplish things both big and small. We’re happy when we nail that presentation and when we beat that video game level that’s been bothering us all day. We’re also happy when we see others happy.

While those feelings of happiness are universal, there are things that make us happy that are pretty specific to certain personality types. Maybe you’re a person whose day is made when your whole outfit comes together, or when you get to stay home all day and not worry about a thing. Maybe specific items and other tangible things make you happy, like a pair of killer heels or your favorite sweater. Certain activities are also likely to make certain people much happier than others, like spending a whole day swimming or spending hours planning your schedule or getting involved in a discussion about big, abstract topics. Regardless, there are many things that make us happy, and for each zodiac sign, we’ve narrowed those things down to five. Here are five things that ignite your spirit based on your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign to round out your list!

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16 Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Sage Advice, Red Bottom Heels, Literal Flames, Heated Debates, Looking Killer In Formal Wear

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Fire signs are passionate and tend to be the leaders of their packs, so it’s not surprising that the five things that would really make them happy are things that show them as the bosses they are. Fire signs tend to like being the center of attention in some capacity, so they’re the type to command attention through what they wear. This means that Fire signs care a lot about looking put together and even the brands they wear. However, Fire signs are a lot more than pretty faces. They love heated debates and expanding their minds, so they’re a lot more likely to take the lead in an argument. Aside from that, Fire signs are excellent at giving advice not because they see themselves as wise but because they know what it’s like to make mistakes.

15 Aries: Combat Boots, Red Lipstick, Diamonds, Having More Energy Than You Can Use, And The Blood Of The Dragon

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If Fire signs in general are the leaders of the zodiac, the Aries sign is the leader. Straightforward, charismatic, and commanding, the Aries is a strong person who’s up before the sun and inspiring those around them to be better people. While the Aries sign is the type to gravitate towards strong fashion choices like combat boots and red lipstick, they’re also more than their strong persona and can be almost childlike in their enthusiasm for life. This sign is the personification of having way more energy than is strictly necessary, but to the Aries, that’s totally normal. The average Aries is also a person who knows what they’re worth and will gravitate to bright, shiny, priceless things like diamonds. Aries is a sign that knows how special they are, making them a lot like a real-life Daenerys Targaryen: the blood of the dragon.

14 Leo: Breakfast In Bed, The Actual Harry Potter, Full Body Mirrors, Makeup Highlighters, And The Rays Of The Sun

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If the Aries is Daenerys Targaryen, the Leo is literally Harry Potter. For one thing, Harry Potter is actually a Leo, as is Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley, believe it or not, so in that series, the fate of the world comes down to a Leo. That’s honestly how it is for the Leo in real life as well. Regardless of the individual Leo’s personality, they’re a person who has the power to inspire others around them to learn from them and aspire to greatness. To the people around the Leo, they’re already amazing and tend to be a role model. That being said, Leos love attention and can be a little dramatic, so they’re the type to gravitate towards fashion choices that highlight their features, like well, highlighters. They also love being pampered with things like breakfast in bed, and they also really like spending their days in the sun.

13 Sagittarius: Graphic T-Shirts, Riding Bikes Without Helmets, The Chorus To Every Pop Song, The Optimism Of A Child, And The Wisdom Of A Philosopher

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If the Aries and Leo are people who lead from the front as warriors, the Sagittarius is more of a philosopher. The Sagittarius is idealistic to a fault and loves to have fun. If you have a friend who somehow knows the lyrics to every song on the radio, or can at least pick up the chorus before the song is over, chances are that friend is a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius is the type to go on a  giant adventure on a whim, just because. They love to feel free and to express themselves, and they do that in a lot of ways. That could be something small, like wearing a graphic T-shirt with something funny on it that no one else around them gets, or it can be something that would seem dangerous to any other sign, like riding a bike without a helmet. As much as the Sagittarius seems child-like and even flaky, under that exterior is a deeply intelligent person who seeks the truth of life above everything, and that shows when they drop that exterior.

12 Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Sitting Down After A Long Day, The Warmest Socks In The Brightest Colors, Chocolate, Blasting Music On Headphones While Traveling, And Seeing The Results Of Your Hard Work

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Earth signs are hard workers who aren’t going to waste their time with things that can’t be proven, making these signs some of the most coldly logical in the zodiac. That being said, Earth signs are far from boring, they just like to bury themselves in their work and enjoy the fruits of their labors. This is why Earth signs tend to have a love of the finer things in life in common. They’re also a little more introverted as a rule than Fire signs, for example, so they enjoy their solitude, or at least the opportunity to take time for themselves. Earth signs love to put themselves to work to get what they want, and they also love what it feels like to take a load off, whether it’s by sitting down after a long day, wrapping themselves up in blankets after coming in from the cold, or just listening to music in public on headphones so no one bothers them.

11 Taurus: Sweets, Long Showers And Baths, The Beach, Rolling Your Own Sushi, And Comfortable Sweaters

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The average Taurus is equal parts indulgent and stubborn: while they love the finer things in life, they’re also tenacious and ambitious, working hard to achieve their dreams. That being said, Taureans tend to gravitate toward things that help them unwind. After all, they work hard and they don’t need to be neglecting themselves for no reason. That’s why the average Taurus loves taking long showers and even baths when they want to: because they want to take that time for themselves and they don’t think they’re wrong for that. They also love food and cooking, making things from scratch that other signs might not bother to. For example, I have a friend who’s a Taurus, and they won’t eat sushi or pastries unless they make those things themselves. For a Taurus, putting in the work makes the rewards worth that much more.

10 Virgo: Running, Well-Kept Schedules, Fresh Coffee, New Books In Constant Supply, And Black Leggings

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Virgo is a sign that is represented by the goddess of wheat and architecture, which makes sense once you become familiar with the Virgo personality. Virgos aren’t the type to leave things up to fate because they are the masters of their own fate and there’s nothing that can happen that the Virgo doesn’t have the power to make happen or stop from happening. Virgos tend to operate with a good degree of control in their lives, so out of every other sign, the Virgo is the one who is going to take the most delight in a well-kept schedule that’s accurate almost up to the minute. Unlike some other signs who are more than content to leave things up to the universe, Virgos are the type to take control themselves and do things that make them feel in control, like go running as exercise. Virgos also work really hard and tend to indulge themselves with things like fresh-gourmet coffee and new books to expand their minds. Virgos are also super practical when it comes to fashion and probably own more pairs of black leggings than anyone else.

9 Capricorn: An Abundance Of Scarves, All Devices at 100% Charge, Reading The Newspaper, Respect That Has Been Earned, And Pragmatic Realism

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Capricorns are ambitious to a fault and pride themselves on being the ones to do anything and everything to achieve their dreams. Capricorns aren’t the type to shut their brains off for any reason, so even when you think a Capricorn is taking some time to themselves and relax, they’re probably doing the exact opposite of that. Capricorns are the type to immerse themselves in things that other signs would consider stressful, like reading newspapers first thing in the morning to wake their brains up. Capricorns also hate not being able to stay connected, whether it’s related to their work or to their emotions, so they make it a point more than any other sign to make sure their devices are never going to die. Even if they let their batteries get low, they have at least two ways to charge on them at all times because Capricorns are always prepared. They know that anything that can go wrong will go wrong and make sure they’re one step ahead at all times, which is one of the reasons why Capricorns are respected so much.

8 Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Finishing A Long Book And Carrying It With You, Wearing Extravagant Clothes At Home For No Reason, Staying Up Late, Instrumental Music, And Stargazing

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Air signs are dreamers at heart, but that doesn’t mean they’re not passionate about what they love. If you have a friend who finishes a book or TV show and can’t stop talking about it for weeks, that friend is probably an Air sign. Air signs are the types to stay up late looking at the stars and wondering about the meaning of life. Air signs are also a little impulsive, but in a different way than Fire and Water signs. They’re not impulsive through their actions or their feelings, they’re impulsive through their thoughts. They’re the type to wonder about a question no other sign would think of, then actually go about answering that question. Air signs, while they’re free-spirited and fun living, are also deeply intelligent and are into things that other signs might take a while to dive into, like experimental genres of music or a style of clothing that might not look flattering at first.

7 Gemini: Trivia Games, Crop Tops, Stumbling Across A Sale At Your Favorite Store, Obscure References, And Calling Your Pets Your Fur-Babies

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The average Gemini is a highly intelligent person, but they’re not the tortured, introverted genius burrowing themselves in reading and research. Rather, Geminis are just as socially intelligent as they are intellectuals. They have hearts that are just as big as their brains and aren’t afraid to show that to people. Geminis love to show off what they know, making them the person you want on your team when trivia games break out. Geminis are also the people you want around during a shopping spree. They’re amazing at finding the best sales and telling you what you look good in, but they’re also great at negotiating prices down when the situation calls for that. More importantly, Geminis can make amazing friends who use every opportunity to build you up. Out of all the Air signs, Geminis have the biggest hearts, not just for people, but for animals as well.

6 Libra: Staying Ahead Of The Trends, Skinny Jeans, Roses, Feeling Confident In Making A Decision, And Taking Selfies Where You Fit In The Whole Group

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Libra is represented by the scales, which is weirdly enough the only zodiac sign mascot that isn’t some kind of animal or person. This just goes to show how Libras are people who are more focused on fairness and justice than they are on personal loyalties. Libras are very preoccupied with making sure things are fair and will withhold judgment on basically anything because they want to make sure that they’re making the right and fair decisions. It can be a little frustrating for those who know this about Libras, but Libras are honestly most comfortable when they’re feeling confident about their decisions, and for them that takes time. That being said, Libras can be very social and keep themselves informed about cool things going on, so expect the Libras in your life to be constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. Libras are also great when it comes to including everyone in their lives because that’s one good measure of fairness and kindness.

5 Aquarius: Video Games, Rainbow Colored Hair, Drinking Everything Through Straws, Multi-Tasking, And Large Bodies Of Water

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Aquarians are by far the weirdest people in the zodiac, and that’s not an exaggeration. They pride themselves on this weirdness, preferring to stand out while being themselves than stifle themselves trying to make the rest of the world comfortable. It’s one of the many things that they’re stubborn about. Aquarians are the sign that’s most likely to dye their hair a crazy color or even multiple colors to express themselves. While Aquarius is an Air sign, they’re represented by the Water Bearer for a reason and tend to be really attracted to large bodies of water, whether it’s the sea, the beach, or even a pool. Aquarians are also people whose minds are always working, so expect them to be all about multi-tasking. They’re actually the type to thrive under that kind of pressure rather than buckle under it like some other signs would. Aquarians tend to have weird quirks that other people might find strange, like drinking hot coffee out of straws, for example. I use this example primarily because I’m an Aquarius and can only drink coffee this way. Other people might have some other weird habit.

4 Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): People-Watching, Keeping Quiet Until You Get To Know Someone, Binge-Watching Everything On Netflix, Writing In Notebooks Instead Of Your Cell Phone, And Tea

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Water signs are intuitive and won’t show their hands unless they really feel safe, so expect a Water sign to quietly study you until they come to a conclusion about you. Water signs tend to be very introspective, so they’re a lot more comfortable in small groups than they are in big ones. The average Water sign will be happy just binge-watching everything on Netflix that they can get their hands on and aren’t the sort to be all about partying. Water signs are also romantics at heart and see that romance in the little things, like handwriting letters or talking on the phone instead of over text. Water signs are also the type to love sitting at a window and watching the rain or snowfall with a good book and a cup of tea. They’re also the ones who will take the most joy from people-watching in a public place and wonder what their lives are like.

3 Cancer: The Moon, Sad Movies About Animals, Sweatpants, Ruling The Karaoke Bar, Terrible Puns, And Making People Feel Really Dumb

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Cancer is a Water sign that’s represented by the crab, but more importantly, the planetary body Cancer is ruled by is the Moon. That makes Cancers really empathetic, emotional, and even empathic. Cancers are intuitive and while they can be kind, they also have no problem wrecking shop if they feel like that’s necessary to get their point across. While they can be really patient, a Cancer will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being dumb. The average Cancer loves things that pull their heartstrings, like sad movies that could make them cry. Cancers are also the type to command attention, but not in a flashy or extroverted way. They’re kind of like the introverted drama queen, the type to rule the karaoke bar but not the runway or the club, for example. Cancers also have an affinity for terrible, no good, very bad puns. They appreciate the wordplay and making their friends laugh.

2 Scorpio: Wearing Dark Clothes All The Time, Having A Morbid Sense Of Humor, Always Having Perfect Nails, Deeply Held Secrets, And Conversations In The Middle Of The Night

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Scorpios tend to be a little misunderstood, but to be honest, Scorpios almost like it better that way. Scorpios are emotional like most Water signs, but they tend to express their emotions a lot like the passionate Fire signs, albeit in a slightly colder way. Scorpios are the type to wear their emotions on their sleeves while acting like they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves, so they tend to express their feelings with a really morbid sense of humor. That’s when they’re letting their feelings out, however. Most of the time they tend to shroud themselves in secrets, only entrusting those secrets to a chosen few. Scorpios will beat around the bush when it comes to their feelings, only to be matter-of-fact and straightforward in quiet moments, most of the time in the middle of the night. Scorpios are also people who love wearing black and dark colors and take pride in their appearances, so their hair and nails are always on point.

1 Pisces: Flower Crowns, Stuffed Animals, Watching The Rain From Indoors, Not Wearing Makeup, And Somehow Knowing The Future

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The Pisces sign is represented by two fish swimming against each other, showing how people born under this sign tend to live in two different worlds. The world that wins out depends on the individual person and on the day you’re talking to them. Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac is the sign that absorbs the best and worst of every sign and is the quickest to learn the lessons the other signs really should learn quickly. Pisceans are either the sweetest people you’ll ever meet or they’ll make you cry in fifteen seconds flat: there’s no real in-between there. Pisceans love being whimsical, so they’ll gravitate to things like flower crowns and stuffed animals because those things make everyone happy, right? Pisceans are also all about natural beauty, so don’t expect them to wear makeup. Most importantly, Pisceans have this weird, uncanny ability to size someone up and tell the future, making them almost psychically intuitive.

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