Here’s How You’re A Superhero & A Villain, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has special and unique gifts that they can offer the world, whether they realize it or not. In a way, we all have a shared duty to mutually benefit humanity in our own individual ways. Our zodiac signs say a lot about our personalities. We see hundreds and thousands of articles every day about the pros and cons of each sign, who they are compatible with and their strengths as well as weaknesses. Life has its share of ups and downs. There are times where we feel as if we didn’t act like the person we should have been. There are times when we are secretly proud of ourselves for acting the way we do.

Superheroes and villains were invented in comic books to illustrate the duality of human beings. It is like the yin and yang of our very existence. Just like Heath Ledger’s Joker said to Batman in The Dark Knight, “you complete me.” He was basically saying that every hero has the potential to fall into the dark side. What trips certain people’s trigger between the fine line of good and evil is what we are about to find out.

Here is how each zodiac sign is both a superhero and villain all at the same time.

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24 Aries As A Superhero: The Creative Generator


The Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, so that means it was the start of everything. The superpower that an Aries possesses is that they can literally make anything out of pure nothing. That is why we call them the Generator. Think of the first man, Adam, in the Garden of Eden. He was made out of thin air. Think of Aries as the warrior that is always ready to spearhead anything head first. These are the types of people who can delve into any hobby, career or passion and excel at it with the greatest speed. Those born under this sign are the resourceful types that know how to fix a situation while thinking on their feet.

There is literally no limit to what they can accomplish when they put their mind to it. If any sign leads by example, it is the Aries. They know how to get the job done. Think of Captain America in The Avengers.

23 Aries As A Villain: The Bullying Steamroller


An Aries isn’t exactly the best communicator of the zodiac nor is the most sensitive. An Aries may not be able to feel your pain, but they can bring the pain. This is where they start to become villains. They descend into the dark side because they are selfish. However, being selfish in that of itself is not always a bad thing. When it relates to protecting yourself, then it is a positive thing. It becomes evil when you use that energy to hurt other people around you. They suck the energy out of other people rather than creating it for themselves. Rather than attacking passions, they attack people instead. Instead of going their own way, they also attack other people’s passions and desires.

Remember when Michael Caine in The Dark Knight said: “some men just want to watch the world burn.” The Joker in that movie was the textbook Aries villain. Heath Ledger is an Aries, for the record.

22 Taurus As A Superhero: The Green Gardener


So if Aries represents the first man, Adam, then Taurus represents the first woman, Eve. The Taurus can take what the Aries creates and nurture it into something even bigger and better than it ever was before. Taurus women are said to be one the most fertile signs because of their ability to incarnate better than any other sign. They are able to bring new life to the world and create beauty from the energy that is already there. Those born under this sign are always thinking of new ways to make money, implement new ideas, and make the earth a better place to inhabit. A Taurus can walk into a room and leave it better than how they left it. They plant the seeds and flowers for later growth, which makes them patient.

Like Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, Taurus is a sign that’s bold, stubborn and completely in control. Made of the earth and being fixed, they are a solid ground and foundation. Literally, anyone close to a Taurus knows that they can rely on them.

21 Taurus As A Villain: The Ruthless Exterminator


A Taurus often falls into villainhood when they lose their stability. When they don’t know how to take something that is already there and make it more beautiful, then they become self-loathing. A Taurus in detriment has lost their ability to breath new life into things. At the opposite end of the spectrum, they are making things uglier than how you found it. You get a mixture of materialism and laziness that follows the Venus-ruled Taurus. That nasty Poison Ivy from Batman can be a real B-word when she is pouring poison into the healthy plants that are thriving.

Many Tauruses can tell when they have crossed into the dark side when they walk into a room and everything withers away. They only thing to counteract that is to become alive. You can’t really do that if you are sleeping all day. Since this sign is about physicality, many of these people have the toughest times with weight fluctuations. This all shows when they are not taking care of themselves.

20 Gemini As A Superhero: The Informative Messenger

When you think of a Gemini, think of Hermes the Greek God who wore those winged boots. He was the one who spoke the words of the Gods down to mortals. The superpower of the Gemini is that they can communicate a message to anyone at any time. Since they are so full of logic and ruled by Mercury, they like to talk about everything. They are all about communication. When they are the hero, they give the truth to the masses. As long as the truth is coming from a place of authenticity, then they are doing their civic duty. They like to see both sides of the story before they make the final decision. They know how to compartmentalize and break off, which is whey you have the Gemini as the sign of the twins. Every individual born under this sign knows that there is a subjective and objective reality. These people make the best lawyers. Just like Tony Stark’s Iron Man, you are an intellectual.

19 Gemini As A Villain: The Two-Faced Manipulator


Even though Hermes did a great deed, he also was known to be a trickster. Geminis are the type of people that will reveal certain information to you just to test you to see how you would react. They can explain ideas in so many different ways and are creative with their words. This is what makes them the masters at gossip. They can listen to what different people say and twist their words in any way they want. This is where they can get caught up in gossip.

As a villain, a Gemini will be inauthentic while pretending to be authentic. They become master manipulators running circles around people. They can get people to do things that serve their personal agenda rather than what the collective needs to survive. These are the types that have the ability to become cult leaders. They thrive in little communities, but as long as they don’t have bad intentions, they will prosper.

18 Cancer As A Superhero: The Intuitive Manifester


The Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, so that means they are the ones who nurture people’s feelings. Water signs are intuitive, psychic, and have emotional powers. Their role is the Manifester because they have the ability to put souls in our bodies and give us a conscience. They can take the spiritual world and bring it into the physical world. Just like Sailor Moon, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. It is what brings light to darkness and makes us more than human. They know better than anyone else in the zodiac that we are not collectively alone in this world. This is how they manifest and can get good things to come to them so easily.

As a hero, they take care of their people and their family. They make sure that everyone around them is capable of the best. They are the most social out of all the water signs.

17 Cancer As A Villain: The Emotional Vampire

A Cancer falls into villainhood when it starts hoarding. They start hoarding memories, emotions, and sources of pain. Therefore, they very quickly fall into victimhood and emotional manipulation. Cancer loses their lust for life. Since Cancers are more sensitive, they need to guard their heart. When they don’t guard their heart, then bad things happen. Instead, they harden their heart, but they still have the ability to speak their pain. They can lose themselves in depression and anxiety to the point where they just start taking energy from other people. They start to think that they have nothing to give and that everyone is just taking. This is when other people have to start carrying them. Like water, they will drain money and they will drain resources from other people. Think Inque from Batman Beyond who liquifies herself and other people around her.

16 Leo As A Superhero: The Great Cat Protector

Think of a Leo as the lioness protecting her pride. She is the queen of the jungle and she is always watching over her kingdom. This is why the superpower of a Leo is to be the Guardian. Think Cheetara from ThunderCats. They can create energy for protection. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is our pride and heart. Leos like to live in the creativity and beauty that is our world. Everything they do is some big creation and production because that is what they are made of. They have a long way to rise to the top but once they get there, they sit on their throne. Without the sun, many living creatures could not exist. The rest of us are just ruled by planets that revolve around the sun. Sorry to the rest of the zodiac signs, but there is no better ruler than the Leo.

15 Leo As A Villain: The Selfish Tyrant


Just like any other kitty, the Leo has claws that come out and slash when they want to. As a bad guy, the Leo is like Catwoman from Batman. When you hear the lion’s roar, that is when you know that they mean business. The Leo as the villain becomes detrimental when they take all of their negative feelings and pour them onto others. If a Leo is going to have a horrible day, then everyone is going to have a horrible day. The best thing a Leo can do is embrace their heart and pride. The worst thing they can do is be someone who they wish they could be instead of just being themselves. After all, the Sun represents self and ego. When they deny their ego’s needs, they deny themselves. This sign can go on a rampage and decide to destroy anyone that comes in their way, even if those people were good to them.

14 Virgo As A Superhero: The Selfless Sacrament

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The Virgo is an earthy sign so they use the earth to nourish our bodies. The Virgo is the Sacrament because they sacrifice their bodies and lives to nourish other people. They do this by focusing on the little details and working through all the pain and anxiety of living life on a physical plane. Virgo is literally the greatest sacrifice for humanity. They pay attention to weight, food and criticize things when they don’t go right. They are the best at delegating and making sure that everything is going towards a specific plan. Virgos understand better than anyone that life is made up of the choices that you make. They are ones for vitality and treat their bodies like a temple. If you can imagine Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, he is modest in nature but also reliable, meticulous, and highly practical.

13 Virgo As A Villain: The Judgmental Hypocrite


When a Virgo falls into villainhood, they no longer want to sacrifice themselves for the better of others. Instead, they go nit-picking at other people’s flaws, making sure that they know all about it. They lead by making people do as they say, not as they do, rather than leading by example. They go about dealing with people in a backward fashion, which creates a lot of resentment from those around them. Those born under this sign will get into their messes and not be able to find themselves in their own mess. In fact, this is what we call a hot mess. Those types of Virgos can only have contempt for what they are doing, and they will start to hate themselves for it. This is a sign that is known to stay organized, and if they don’t, they fall apart and become destructive.

12 Libra As A Superhero: The Unbiased Paradigm


The Libra as the hero is the physical archetype of love. They are the only inanimate object of the zodiac that does not move. Libras are the scales showcasing to the world what real love is supposed to look like. People look to the Libra unconsciously to see what love is like. Libras are born with the desire to get to know other people and spread that love around. They know that every human being deserves to be loved and cherished. Libras are all about their relationships with other people and will put them first. For the most part, they are the shirt-off-their-backs type of people. Think of Wonder Woman who emphasizes a life of harmony. They are peacekeepers and will go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is happy.

11 Libra As A Villain: The Nosy Social Climber


Just like the Gemini villain, Libras talk a lot to other people on a frequent basis. They are social creatures that sometimes love to meddle in other people’s business. Libras become the bad guys when they start spreading gossip and sticking their nose in other people’s business. They will destroy their own personal relationships and they can also destroy other people’s relationships. As a Libra villain, they single-handedly destroy love. They can leave people feeling like love does not exist anymore. They can take two opposing viewpoints and hold them in their mind at the same time which causes their ambivalence. They are always going to struggle with deciding whether or not they are acting out of fear or out of love. When they act out of fear, they can become social manipulators of the worst kind.

10 Scorpio As A Superhero: The Soul Reaper


Scorpio’s superpower is that they have the power to take souls out of our bodies. Cancers can put the souls into our bodies, and this is where this sign takes it a step further. They are the sign of death which is not a bad thing necessarily. Death also represents transformation which is necessary when things need to change. They can take those old emotions that are bringing people down and get rid of them. This is why being called the Reaper is actually a good thing. This is why Scorpios make the best psychologists and detectives. Think of Jessica Jones on Netflix. These people get rid of what has no more purpose in your life. They know how to take whatever is there being destructive and kill it so that you can move on. This is necessary to pave the way to make new life appear.

9 Scorpio As A Villain: The Ice Queen


Scorpios are the type of people who are always going through their household items getting rid of clutter and things that they don’t need or use. They sometimes have the same approach to the way they treat other people. They are a fixed water sign. What is water in its solid form? You have the ice of the zodiac right here. Just like Emma Frost from X-Men, they are the proverbial ice queens of the zodiac. They take life from people and they suck the energy out of them. How they become a villain is that they don’t want to be alone in their despair. When they can’t let little things go, they will take other people with their charm to manipulate them. Though they won’t give you the warmness of their own emotions, they will feed off yours. Just being around them can send shivers down your spine.

8 Sagittarius As A Superhero: The Fearless Amplifier


Being the last but not least of the fire signs, the Sagittarius is the archer who is aiming the highest they can go. Their superpower is that they have the ability to take an existing power and supercharge it into something even greater. As a hero, they are amplifiers and teachers who will take your knowledge and expand it. They have all this information at their fingertips because they have gigantic mind power. Just like Scarlet Witch, they are in tune with their mystical, philosophical side. They always have big dreams, and even bigger ideas, and give it their all when they commit to something. These types love to learn and take on any belief system or culture and blow it into something much greater and larger. They are always competing with who they were before in order to become stronger, faster and greater.

7 Sagittarius As A Villain: The Boastful Backstabber


Because of sometimes too much enthusiasm, Sagittarians are high energy just like the wild horses that their sign represents. If that energy does not have a creative outlet, then they are not someone that you want to be around. Everything will become a competition for them and they will be like that smarmy dude in high school who is always trying to one-up everyone. They start to self-loathe when they can no longer one-up themselves and accomplish everything the first time immediately. Since their ruling planet is Jupiter, they are always looking for expansion. Therefore, they know no personal boundaries sometimes. They are brutally honest and will start to burn bridges with people. They will destroy the walls of someone who needs to have them up. Sometimes they fail to acknowledge that rules exist for a reason.

6 Capricorn As A Superhero: The Constructive Architect

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So think about this analogy: Capricorn is Clark Kent during the day but turns into the Aries Superman at night. Before you go saying, “that’s not fair, I wanted to be Superman,” just know that Clark Kent is just as important. Someone has to keep that brave face on an everyday basis and that’s a Capricorn to a T. The Capricorn’s superpower is that they build fortresses out of the earth. Therefore, they are the architect. They can create power and will win wars based on the best defense strategy. They can keep trudging through adversity and challenges in a way that the other signs cannot. If the Capricorn can’t do it, then the rest of us can’t do it. Ruled by Saturn, they know all too well of life’s restrictions. They know that nothing good ever comes easy.

5 Capricorn As A Villain: The Merciless Destroyer


Being able to persevere, this can also make them one of the most ruthless signs. They love to stake their claim and claim their power. Capricorn comes into villainhood when they step on other people’s toes in order to climb up the ladder. This sign can sometimes give zero rips about what they had to do in order to get there. They can become cold and uncaring about anyone else’s emotions. This does them no favors because no one wants to work for them even though they make some of the best leaders. They become self-centered and take advantage of other people to serve their own personal agenda. They will bulldoze through other people’s property and lay stake as if it was their own. When they take credit from other people to get ahead or create shortcuts, it creates a lot of resentment from those around them.

4 Aquarius As A Superhero: The Networking Humanitarian


The Aquarius as a hero has a very important role to serve in the zodiac. They literally see everyone as an equal human being who deserves to be treated well. This is why they are known as the water-bearing humanitarian. Think of them as almost like aliens from outer space who are observing mankind from outside the box looking in. As the hero, the Aquarius lives their life connecting everybody to each other reminding us that we are all just human beings at the end of the day. They are a living social network and they can bring all the information that they need to bring to the masses. They take the Sagittarian knowledge a step further and put a completion stamp on it. Since they do this so quickly, they are fast moving which is why this sign is associated with technology. Think The Flash’s Jesse Quick who is a speedy learner and can eagerly deliver it to the world.

3 Aquarius As A Villain: The Self-Appointed Ruler


The Aquarius can fall into victimhood when they become the textbook version of cult leaders. Since they are so good at getting people together and forming communities, they often have a lot of profound influence. In small groups, they can use their logical mind power to brainwash individuals and get them to do whatever it is they want them to do. In fact, we could go so far as to say that they can even be sociopaths. Since they tend to be generous and give, that means that a lot of people owe the favors. At least, they are made to believe that they owe the Aquarius something. Evil Aquarius folks will use that fact to their advantage and never let you forget it. They can start to develop God-like complexes and believe that they can control a group of people (and they usually can).

2 Pisces As A Superhero: The Spiritual Oracle


Pisces is the last zodiac sign and are known to be the old souls of the spectrum. Where Aries was brought to new life, the Pisces goes out of the body and into the afterlife. This is why they are the most spiritual and have the ability to speak the language of God. Those born under this sign live in an alternate reality so they understand that there has to be more than our physical existence. They are creative souls that need to make beautiful things that people can respond to. When they do, people are blown away and don’t know what hit them. Since they are a water sign, they know how to read people’s deep inner beings and empathize. Think Kendra Saunders from Arrowverse who is kind, caring and empathetic. Their psychic abilities defy what science cannot explain.

1 Pisces As A Villain: The Self-Induced Martyr

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Since Pisces can be such a non-confrontational sign, they choke at times when it is necessary to stick up for themselves. Therefore, other people always have to do it for them. As a villain, they stay in their alternate reality to the point where they no longer value human life itself. They are escapists and fall easily into any kind of addiction that you can think of. This leads to the total lack of independence and having to depend on people to carry them. They have the victim mentality and drag people down with their easily-avoidable problems. They stop caring about the physical world and therefore stop taking care of themselves. They can be a hot mess as they are willing to put themselves through misery just for the show of it.

Source: Alyssa Sharpe Astrology

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