Here’s How Much Confidence You Have On A Scale Of 1-10, Based On Your Sign (His & Hers)

The older we get, the more we realize that a lot of things in life come down to confidence. Believing in yourself and valuing who you are can be the difference between a booming career and a failing one, a relationship with the person of your dreams and a struggling love life, and even happiness and a perpetual state of being unfulfilled. It certainly pays to be confident, at least some of the time.

A lot of different factors can affect how confident you are—the way you were raised, your experiences in life, your education and your personal health all play a part. Some say that zodiac signs also have something to do with it since they are said to have influence over our individual personalities.

Each sign has a different tendency when it comes to confidence. Some are pros at loving themselves, speaking exactly what’s on their minds and withstanding emotional pressure. Others find being confident a little more difficult, and are more prone to insecurity and second-guessing themselves. Of course, this is just a generalization, and at the end of the day, your individual confidence comes down to who you are, no matter your sign.

But if you find you’ve been struggling with your self-esteem, your zodiac could have something to do with it. Anybody can be confident—it just takes a little more effort for some! Check out which signs are naturals at the confidence thing, and which ones need to work at it.

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24 The Aries Woman Is One Of The Most Confident Signs And Knows It: 9

Being a fire sign, Aries is naturally very confident. An Aries woman is one of the most confident of all the women in the zodiac, and she knows it. She’s a natural leader and is usually wonderful in any job where she gets to display those leadership qualities. She has a fiery temper at times, but she has a good heart and wants the best for everyone around her.

She’s slightly more emotional than the Aries man, and these emotions can sometimes stop her from being as confident as she has the potential to be because she gets caught up in how she feels rather than what she should be doing. But overall, you wouldn’t want to go up against an Aries woman in a fight!

23 The Confidence Of The Aries Man Knows No Bounds: 10

Like his female counterpart, the Aries man is extremely confident. Aries is often thought of as one of the most confident signs in the zodiac because of their ability to stand up for themselves in hard times, pursue what they want relentlessly and take charge of any situation. Aries men can end up being quite successful because they believe in themselves and aren’t intimidated out of any situation.

The Aries man and woman are similar, though the Aries man is thought to be a little less emotional. That said, he also has a big heart and is capable of some deep feelings from time to time. Man or woman, Aries are very loyal and are pushed by the need to protect others. Doing things for the people they love is what helps them cope with tough situations.

22 The Taurus Woman Is Confident In Some Ways But Lacks Confidence In Others: 5

When it comes to the Taurus woman, she’s not overly confident, but she’s also not wallowing in self-pity. There are some ways in which she has a tendency to show a natural confidence, and she lacks it in other ways. Being a social creature, the Taurus woman doesn’t tend to struggle with social anxiety or losing her voice around others. She’s actually in her prime when she’s surrounded by people and doesn’t usually feel intimidated by crowds.

But when it comes to creating drama, the Taurus woman prefers to zip her lip and avoid causing confrontation. She wants everything to be drama-free, so she lacks the confidence to always speak what’s on her mind because she doesn’t cope well when the peace is interrupted, and sometimes, being confident and honest disrupts the peace.

21 The Taurus Man Is Usually Less Confident Than His Counterpart: 3

The Taurus man is very similar to the Taurus woman, though his desire for a drama-free life is amplified. Because of this, he might lose his voice more often than the Taurus woman does, in the interest of keeping the peace.

Taurus men are naturally quiet and gentle, and being an earth sign, have a connection to the land. They’re much more passive than aggressive, even though they represent the Bull. It’s true that all Taurus babies have a little stubborn streak in them, but it’s not always obvious. Rather than causing a fuss because he didn’t get his way, the Taurus man is much more likely to keep his thoughts to himself and mind his own business as he pursues success at his own leisure.

20 Bravery And Extroversion Are The Gemini Girl’s Specialties: 8

Gemini and extroversion tend to travel hand in hand. The Gemini girl is loud, talkative, passionate and above all else, brave. More than anything, she loves to try new things and meet new people, and if she’s not challenged, she can start to feel bored and like she’s in a rut. Confidence is just another natural trait of the Gemini girl and helps carry her through the fast-paced life that she desires.

Gemini ladies are usually confident enough to approach a stranger and talk to them, no matter what the circumstances are. Making new friends is their favorite pastime, so even if a social interaction doesn’t work out quite like they’d hoped, it’s always worth the risk. To keep stimulated, Gemini is always trying new things and sometimes this takes a certain amount of confidence and bravery.

19 Gemini Fellas Are Just As Confident As The Gemini Ladies: 8

Like the Gemini women, Gemini men are pretty confident. This is a social sign, so the men find it relatively easy to approach a new person and start a conversation. They tend to do well in jobs where they have the opportunity to do a lot of talking and excel in sales. They’re the perfect candidates to give presentations in a business setting, or even host a radio or television show, thanks to that inner-confidence.

Confidence is also something of a cycle, in that the more confident a person acts, the more confident they feel, and so it goes. Because a Gemini man is often born with a certain level of confidence and belief in himself, he isn’t afraid to show that off, which gains admiration and then makes him feel even more confident. He’s basically a spiraling ball of confidence!

18 Cancer Women Can Build Confidence In People They Know: 6

Cancer isn’t the first sign you’d think of when it comes to confidence. Being so emotional, the Crab is usually much more prone to over-sensitivity, which can shoot down any feelings of confidence that may arise.

That said, the Cancer woman is able to build confidence in certain situations. It may take time, but she usually gets to a point where she starts to feel comfortable around the right people, and that’s when she comes out of her shell. Once she’s known someone long enough and she feels like she can be herself around them, she’ll feel better about saying what’s really on her mind. Also, she has trouble bottling up all her emotions, so sooner or later she ends up revealing all anyway, no matter what anyone around her thinks.

17 The Low Self-Esteem Of The Cancer Man Makes Him The Least Confident Sign Of The Zodiac: 1

The insecurity of Cancer is usually more obvious in the men of the sign. Generally speaking, Cancer fellas suffer from a low self-esteem, which is the biggest enemy of confidence. Though he might feel pressure to speak up and say his point of view or believe in himself, he finds it particularly difficult when a voice in his head constantly tells him that he’s not good enough.

Because of this insecurity, little things often upset him. While they might seem little to the outside world, he tends to overdramatize them in his head and as a result, they end up rocking his life. He’s quite a fragile and vulnerable sign, which is why he needs to be partnered with somebody who will nurture him and help him to feel better about himself. The Cancer man can find confidence if he works at it, but it doesn’t come naturally.

16 The Lioness Is Extremely Confident, And Only Slightly Less So Than Her Lion Counterpart: 9

Another fire sign, Leo naturally exudes confidence. Male or female, the Lions love to be the center of attention and thrive when people stroke their egos. They have no problem expressing what’s on their minds and live to be the stars of the show.

Leo ladies, in particular, tend to be aggressive and strong, and are intimidating to the more passive signs. This sign has no problem chasing what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight for it. Things change slightly when it comes to matters of the heart because unlike her male counterpart, this is the only time when the Leo woman likes to be the pursued rather than the pursuer. She loves to be adored by her partner, spoiled and doted upon and is happy to sit back and let him do all the work.

15 The Male Lion Is The Most Confident Animal In The Jungle And Sign In The Zodiac: 10+

It would be silly to cap the confidence of the Leo man at just 10 because, in truth, his confidence knows no bounds. Leo guys love and believe in themselves, and it’s this attitude that determines how they interact with the rest of the world. They believe that they deserve the best, and their charisma usually helps them to obtain it.

Though Leo men and women are strong and confident, Leo men are only slightly more so because of the way they usually go about their romantic relationships. While the women take a less active role, the men are as aggressive as ever. They will compete with anyone and will stop at nothing to gain the interest of whoever they’re chasing, and usually won’t stop until they get what they want.

14 Usually, A Virgo Girl’s Extreme Self-Criticism Tears Down Her Confidence: 2

Virgo ladies know all about self-criticism. Out of the zodiac, this sign is the hardest on itself, and the girls, in particular, are notorious for insecurity. Virgo is a perfectionist, meaning she will feel like things are inadequate unless they’re perfect. Since things are basically never perfect, you can imagine how much these poor ladies beat themselves up. Virgo is hard on other people too, but it’s only because she holds herself to those high standards. Though she may come across as stern, Virgo is actually insecure thanks to the relentless voice in her head that tells her she’s not good enough the way she is.

But don’t despair if you’re a Virgo lady. While you are naturally self-critical, you can develop confidence if you practice positive self-talk. Beyoncé is a Virgo, for goodness’ sake! It’s all about shutting out that negative voice that tears down your confidence.

13 But Virgo Men’s Desire For Perfection Transcends Their Fear: 7

Virgo men were painted with the same brush of insecurity and can struggle with the same issues that Virgo women do. Both genders crave perfection and can’t help picking at themselves and other people until everything is the way it’s supposed to be. But though they also have that negative voice in their heads, Virgo men tend to be even more strict about obtaining perfection, and it helps them to find confidence deep within.

Virgo guys can be demanding to live with because they won’t leave things alone until they’re up to a certain standard. To make things perfect and to make demands of the people around you, you need to have a minimum level of confidence. It also takes self-assurance to stick by your morals and values, which Virgo guys are pros at.

12 Libra Girls Can Find The Confidence They Need To Lead: 6

Typically, Libra is more of a follower than a leader. This sign doesn’t like to lean toward a particular side and prefers to always remain Switzerland. Despite that, sometimes it takes a balanced personality like Libra to lead. Libra women, in particular, are excellent judges of character, great at staying calm and are extremely fair to everybody, and that can land them in leadership positions that they’re not sure they even want.

When a Libra lady is called upon to lead, she usually goes along with it because she doesn’t like to let people down, and to get through it, she has to find an inner-strength and confidence. Really, she’d prefer to not be up there calling the shots, but if she has to, she always rises to the challenge.

11 Popularity Is More Important Than Confidence For Libra Men: 4

Both Libra men and women desire popularity. They love to be liked and are very cautious of offending people. The guys, in particular, crave the popularity that comes with being agreeable, and for this reason, you won’t often catch them speaking their minds or standing up for themselves.

If they really have to stick up for someone they love or speak out about something important, they can find the confidence to do it. But more often than not, they prefer to stay quiet and guarantee that they’re not upsetting anyone. They see being liked as more important than being an outcast with an opinion. Plus, they don’t like to judge people too quickly, and would rather sit back and observe than take an aggressive role in a situation.

10 The Scorpio Woman’s Emotions Sometimes Get In The Way Of Her Super-Confidence: 8

Scorpio women tend to be very confident, and it stems from their inability to contain their feelings and emotions. They’re not the type of people who can sit back and watch something that upsets them without saying anything—they always have to speak up, whether that gets them in trouble or not. They are so emotionally invested in just about everything that it eliminates their chances of being shy or hesitant and pushes them forward toward what they see as the right path.

Although her emotions actually make her more confident because they distract her from caring about what people think, they can sometimes do the opposite and ruin her confidence. Scorpio is actually a sensitive sign, though she wouldn’t admit it, and if she feels personally hurt, she might buy into negative self-talk which will destroy her confidence.

9 The Distrustful Nature Of The Scorpio Man Makes Him Less Confident Than His Counterpart: 5

Scorpio men, on the other hand, tend to be less confident. They are actually said to be more emotional than Scorpio women, and this ends up being their downfall when it comes to believing in themselves. More than anything, a Scorpio man suffers from a significant lack of trust, and this causes him to be paranoid and expect the worst of people. Because of this, he’s not usually confident in his relationships and might even feel like he’s not worthy of love.

The other hallmark sign of a Scorpio man is jealousy. This is the most jealous sign of the zodiac, and persistent jealousy usually points to issues with insecurity. Scorpio guys might not be overly confident in themselves, and so they expect others to hurt them and leave them behind.

8 Confidence Can Come To A Sagittarius Girl, But It’s Not A Priority: 6

If there’s one thing the fire signs all have in common, it’s confidence. Like her fiery sisters, Sagittarius has an inner-strength that allows her to follow her heart. She’s a free spirit and has the courage to pursue her dreams. Especially when it comes to traveling and seeing the world around her, Sagittarius isn’t afraid of much. She has the confidence to wander to all corners of the globe and embark on new adventures.

While a Sagittarius lady is naturally confident, developing her confidence further isn’t one of her biggest priorities. Though she is friendly, she is content to keep to herself and make herself happy, meaning she’s less concerned with being the life of the party than the women of the other fire signs. She’s got enough confidence to get her by but she can be shy when dealing with others because her goal in life isn’t to build relationships.

7 The Sagittarius Man Can Be Confident But Prefers To Keep To Himself: 4

The Sagittarius man is similar to the Sagittarius woman in that he isn’t afraid to get out there and see the world. Confidence can manifest in so many ways, and both Sagittarius men and women are very sure of themselves and have enough nerve to make their dreams come true. They don’t get lonely like other signs do, and believe that they are enough, which is a huge expression of confidence.

That being said, Sagittarius men have a tendency to be slightly less social than Sagittarius women and prefer to be left to their own devices a little more. Though both genders cope with this, the guys actually like it that way more, and all that time alone can sometimes stop them from developing the confidence needed to excel socially.

6 The Capricorn Woman Struggles With Valuing Herself: 3

Like Virgo, the Capricorn woman struggles with issues related to insecurity and knowing her own self-worth. She is something of a perfectionist too and has incredibly high standards for herself and others. When she doesn’t meet these standards (and they’re pretty hard to meet most of the time!), she can end up feeling bad about herself and that is really damaging to her confidence.

Capricorns tend to place a lot of value on tangible achievements; they don’t feel proud of personal development or relationships but revel in awards, financial success or promotions. So unless a Capricorn woman is successful like this, she really struggles with feeling good about herself and by extension, she lacks confidence. This is a battle that most Capricorn women will face, but they can overcome those feelings with work!

5 If The Capricorn Man Is Successful, His Self-Esteem Bloats: 9

There are a few similarities between Capricorn men and Capricorn women, including the fact that they both like to achieve things that will make themselves and the people around them proud. They are both reserved and can suffer from a persistent critical voice in their heads, which causes them to second-guess themselves.

Until he is successful in his own eyes, the Capricorn man can feel awful about himself and believe he’s not good enough. But once he has made it, he goes to the other extreme and is overly confident, almost to the point of arrogance. But we will say that nine times out of ten, this arrogance is warranted because he works really hard and has the potential to achieve some truly amazing things!

4 The Aquarius Strikes A Balance Between Being Confident And Shy At The Same Time: 6

Like Taurus, Aquarius is both shy and confident at the same time. It’s nice to have a balance, and Aquarius is able to master that perfectly—while she likes to keep to herself and can be very reserved around other people, she also tends to be very sure of herself. Aquarius is one of the few signs who doesn’t care what people think of her, which is a clear-cut sign that she is comfortable with who she is and confident.

Aquarius ladies don’t need a relationship to make them feel fulfilled and are incredibly independent, which is a very powerful state to be in. They’re not vulnerable or insecure like some signs are, but they can experience a lack of confidence in social situations simply from a lack of practice.

3 The Aquarius Man Also Has That Balance Down Pat And Has Just A Little More Confidence: 7

The Aquarius man has a lot in common with the Aquarius woman. He’s got the balance between being confident and being shy down, and never comes across overly confident or overly shy. Out of the two, it’s probably fair to say that Aquarius has a touch more confidence because he’s even less concerned with what people think than the Aquarius woman.

Both genders have a strong need to be independent, even when they’re in a relationship, and be true to themselves. The Aquarius man’s need is just a little stronger, which results in him being more inclined to say and do whatever he feels like without worrying about the repercussions of his actions. The other signs can learn a lot from Aquarius when it comes to living life the way you want to and not being bothered by the opinions of others!

2 A Pisces Girl’s Sensitivity And Intuition Can Make Her Self-Conscious: 4

Being sensitive is a blessing and a curse. While you are in tune with how you feel and are careful not to say careless things around others, you can also take things to heart when you shouldn’t, which can hack away at your confidence. That’s the Pisces woman all over: her sensitivity can sometimes lead her to take things personally, which can make her feel bad and jeopardize her confidence.

By nature, a Pisces girl is also very conscious of hurting people. She might be worried about saying or doing the wrong thing and is very moved by the opinions of others. Because of this, she is less likely to say what’s on her mind and do what she feels like if it means she won’t be pleasing people.

1 A Pisces Man Is Equally Sensitive, Vulnerable And Self-Conscious: 4

People often say that Pisces and Pisces are incredibly compatible when it comes to dating, and part of that is because they’re so similar. Like the Pisces girl, the Pisces guy is sensitive and self-conscious, which makes him fragile and takes away his confidence.

Pisces men are usually very in touch with how they’re feeling and they’re very good at reading other people. So if they do offend or upset someone, it’s usually obvious to them and they’re likely to worry about it far more than an Aquarius or a Leo would. Being so aware of the world around you can sometimes stop you from being confident because you understand the full consequences of all your actions, which can be scary.

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