15 Secret Signals That Mean He’s Definitely Falling For You, According To His Zodiac Sign

Whenever you meet a new guy you like, you might not want to let him know right away. You might try to hide your feelings in some way or act like you don’t even like him as a person before you actually woman up and admit how you feel. Then again, you might be a woman who knows what she wants and will go and pursue it, fear of rejection not even a thought in your mind. Regardless, chances are when your feelings did come out, the guy in question already had some kind of idea because you gave yourself away somehow. Believe it or not, this is not something that only women do. Many men will go out of their way to try and hide how they feel from a woman for whatever reason.

While guys are notoriously tight-lipped about their emotions, they’re remarkably easy to read once you know what to look for. Perhaps your guy isn’t treating you any differently, but he’s acting differently by either playing up his good qualities or trying to hide his bad ones. Maybe the people around him are acting differently like they’re going out of their way to get to know you better. Perhaps your guy is elevating you as a person of importance in his life or even pushing you away in an effort to keep you from finding out how they feel. They might think they’re being slick or clever, but thanks to the powers of the zodiac and observation, it’s really simple to parse out what’s actually going on. Here are the secret signals guys will put out when they don’t want you to know they’re falling for you, according to their zodiac sign.

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15 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): He Takes Initiative To Spend Time With You


Cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn won’t just wait until you make a move. Cardinal signs make energy, meaning that these are your leader-types with strong wills and more often than not, they’ll be a lot more direct about telling you that they like you. Unfortunately, Cardinal signs tend to fall into a trap of telling you that they like you, but then not doing anything else after that. There’s a lot of action, but not necessarily a lot of follow-through for whatever reason. Aries, the most direct sign, will just tell you how they feel, but they won’t necessarily go out of their way to take any action after that. Cancers are pretty direct about their emotions, but they’re pretty bad about taking those emotions and taking action based on them. Libras can be very decisive, but half the time they’re really, really not. As for Capricorns, they have a hard time taking action when it comes to love.

14 Aries: There Will Be No Secret. He Will Just Tell You


If you’re dealing with an Aries guy, chances are you’re here because he’s really putting out signals that he likes you and you’re just trying to figure out what to look for. Aries guys will not rely on subtext if they don’t have to because they value being upfront more than any other sign. This might change depending on the way an Aries communicates or the rest of his star chart, but chances are you won’t have to wonder very long if he likes you. He will make sure you see the best side of him for as long as he can, and he’ll probably be the freest about body language and personal space. If your Aries guy isn’t telling you outright how he feels, he’ll probably tell you with his body language. His face will tell you everything you need to know, and he’ll probably be really clumsy around you. Don’t expect subtlety from an Aries guy and you’ll almost never go wrong.

13 Cancer: His Friends Will Make More Of An Effort With You


Cancer guys tend to be really shy and not want to jump into something romantic right away, but this sign’s emotionality will make it so that it is almost hilariously obvious when he likes someone. He’ll try to play it off, but his heart is worn so prominently on his sleeve that everyone else can’t help but notice. Because he’s just so obvious with how he feels but doesn’t want to get hurt, he’ll confide in his close friends about how he feels about you. He might not change how he acts around you, or he might, you might not notice that. What you will notice is how his friends are a lot more forthcoming about getting to know you and bringing you into their circle. Cancer guys value the communities they’re a part of, whether that’s their family or their friends, so they’re going to want to be with someone who fits in that community, which is why they’ll appreciate their friends getting to know you as well.

12 Libra: He’ll Either Get Super Decisive Or Lose His Spine Around You

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Libra is represented by the scales, and a Libra man’s actions will depend largely on how that scale tips. A Libra man can go one of two ways. The first way is that he takes decisive action to get with you, telling you how he feels or at least dropping strong enough hints to let you know a conversation should be had. You might actually feel like the Libra guy is moving a little too fast in this scenario because you can’t keep up with the guy. The other option is that the Libra guy gets too afraid to do anything and refuses to make a decision, leaving all of the moving forward to be done by you. You’ll know the kind of Libra man you’re dealing with by his behavior. Regardless, Libra guys won’t ghost out on you or treat you like you don’t exist if he’s the second type of guy. Rather, he’ll just defer to you for everything, which can be a little frustrating.

11 Capricorn: He’ll Start Spilling His Secrets To You Without Meaning To

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Capricorn guys are reserved socially, but they’re incredibly ambitious people who tend to prioritize work over their social lives. They have a totally different persona in a group than you’d probably see when you’re alone with them, but that’s deliberate on their part. They want to appear strong and reliable, and they are strong and reliable. That makes it so a lot of Capricorn guys keep their emotions under tight lock and key. When he likes you, though, he’s going to feel safer around you without actually realizing that he feels that way about you. He’ll end up opening up to you and then annoy himself with how easily he’s spilling his guts to you. Another good indicator that a Capricorn likes you is that they’ll want you involved in their work. They’ll tell you about it and ask for your help, showing that they value your input.

10 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): He Quickly Becomes A Solid And Reliable Presence In Your Life

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Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the most stubborn signs you’ll ever see, and the people under these signs are the most stubborn because of that. Fixed signs maintain energy, so instead of taking action or bringing you into their lives, they’ll make it a point to become a positive presence in yours. Despite their vastly different personalities, this is something every Fixed sign has in common: when they like someone, they’ll want to be friends first, or at least establish a connection other than a romantic one with you. More importantly, Fixed sign guys are by far the most patient: they will wait for you to see them as someone you could love for as long as it takes. The only major difference between all four signs is how they do it. Taurus men will appeal to your heart, while Leos will appeal to your sense of adventure. Scorpio will make an appeal to your heart, while Aquarians will make an intellectual connection with you first. Basically, if a Fixed sign guy has become an indispensable person in your life way quicker than most, chances are he really likes you.

9 Taurus: He’ll Get Shy And Awkward, But In A Cute Way

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A Taurus guy will take a while to even admit to himself that he has feelings for you because he values his romantic connections so much. However, you might be able to figure out how he feels about you long before even he realizes it. Does your Taurus guy get really shy and awkward around you? If he does, chances are he likes you. Depending on your sign, you might not find a Taurus guy’s awkwardness appealing, but I can tell you right now that the right woman will probably find that really endearing. On another important note, Taurus guys are great at telling you how they feel through gifts and physical touch. Full disclosure: my first boyfriend was a Taurus and one Christmas he gave me a much more extravagant gift than he gave everyone else, to the point where literally everyone knew how he felt. However, he didn’t even really know how he felt at that point: it was just what he was inclined to do at the time.

8 Leo: He’ll Start Showing Off A Little More

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Leo guys don’t have to worry about crawling out of their shell because they live their entire lives openly. Rather, if they have feelings for you, they’re going to want to bring you out of your shell. They’ll be really warm with you, almost like they’re trying to impress you, but this is honestly just how Leos tend to operate regardless of their feelings. Leos are incredibly charismatic, so it’s not like he’s going to need to reach very far for the skills necessary to impress you: he’s always had those skills and is generally using them in some way. If he does tell you how he feels outright (and there’s a good chance he will because Leos don’t really fear rejection), chances are he’ll do it with a quieter gesture: he’ll want to show that he can be serious and sincere with you. If he’s the type to let his feelings go unspoken, he’ll make it a point to be a huge bright spot in your life that you can’t help but be attracted to, and chances are it’s going to work.

7 Scorpio: He’ll Either Let You In Or Shut You Out, But He’ll Eventually Tell You Straight Out Because You Don’t Get His Hints

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Scorpio guys will refuse to admit their feelings on principle and think that they can live with that, but eventually, they’re going to kind of freak out and confess their feelings in some sort of dramatic way. The issue that Scorpio guys tend to run into is that as much as they’re intense and sensual people, they have a deep-seated fascination with the innocent girls because they find those girls more mysterious and challenging. The problem with that is that Scorpio guys tend to fall for girls who either can’t take the hints they’re putting out there or don’t wait for him to show interest and take matters into their own hands. If you’re trying to woo a Scorpio guy, let him take the lead. If you’re picking up his hints, make sure you let him know so you guys can have a conversation. If you’re not seeing his hints, you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise when he finally cracks and tells you.

6 Aquarius: He’ll Show His Emotional Side Around You

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Aquarius guys are the hardest sign to read by far in this respect. It’s not because they lack emotion, which is a pretty big stereotype with this sign regardless of gender. It’s actually just because Aquarius guys tend to count themselves out pretty early in the game, essentially friend-zoning themselves. Honestly, the best way to sniff out whether your Aquarius guy has feelings for you is for you to take the first step yourself and tell him how you feel. From there, he’ll show his emotional side and lead the way. Aquarian guys, once they know they’re in a situation with a girl that likes him as much as he likes her, will go out of their way to impress, trying to look nice and even going out of his comfort zone to do it. If you’re looking to keep an Aquarius man’s interest, be consisted with him, but don’t do too much. Aquarius guys tend to be the pickiest of the zodiac, but when they finally fall for a girl, they do it for the long haul.

5 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): He Makes An Effort To Listen And Remember What You’ve Said

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Mutable signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are a lot more likely to let fate dictate where things go with you. Mutable signs change energy, making them the most adaptable signs of the zodiac by far. These guys love making friends and different kinds of connections, so you might actually miss the fact that he likes you because it seems like he’ll be treating you the same. They definitely listen a lot better than some other signs, though. Mutable signs are really open-minded, but they’re so open to everything that they might leave too much up to the universe and let you slip away. Geminis tend to talk a lot and prioritize you in their conversations, but they might not confess anything beyond that. Virgos will do the same, showing more of their lives to you, but they have a similar problem of not confessing. Sagittarius men will open themselves up and let you know how they think, but they still won’t tell you. Pisces guys will straight up try to ghost with no success.

4 Gemini: He’ll Make You The Top Priority In His Conversations

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Gemini guys love good conversations, so they’re going to make it a point to include you in those conversations if they like you. They’re going to look in your eyes while they talk to you and show off a more enthusiastic side around you because they’re just excited to be around you. Even if you’re not dating your Gemini guy, chances are that people in your mutual circle think that something’s going on with you because he’s generally right in your space and even holding your hand at times. This is because Geminis are way quicker at moving forward with a relationship than other Air signs like Cardinal Libra and Fixed Aquarius. Geminis might talk to you about everything but their feelings, but since they’re normally quite good at communication, they’re going to try and tell you in some other way. They might even kiss you out of nowhere because that’s what they feel like doing at the moment. Regardless, Gemini guys are going to find their way to your heart through conversation.

3 Virgo: He’ll Include You In Activities And Give You A Peek Into His Life

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Virgos are the type to not even approach you romantically if they don’t have significant feelings for you. However, instead of telling you outright or becoming a presence in your life, he’ll bring you into his life as a way for you to see how he is all the time. He might not be right in your space all the time, but if he is you can count that as a huge sign that he likes you because Virgos really aren’t about all that. Virgo guys are the type who will try and be supportive of you in any situation without really asking anything in return, so if your Virgo guy is constantly catering to you without ever needing anything from you, he probably likes you. Virgos tend to be great gift-givers as a rule, like the other Earth signs, but Virgos tend to go all out with gifts that are actually acts of service.

2 Sagittarius: He’ll Show You His Deeper, Philosophical Side

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Sagittarius guys tend to be more comfortable with a casual relationship, so chances are you won’t be able to figure out if he likes you based on whether he’s shown a physical interest with you because he can do that with anyone. It might actually be really hard for you to read his tells in this case just because he treats everyone the same: he’s not going to raise you up above everyone else in his life. However, there is one huge flag to look out for: whether he opens up to you intellectually. He’s not the type to open up to others in that way unless he genuinely has a feeling that the person they’re talking to is special. A Sagittarius guy is all about being casual and fooling around when it comes to other people, but if you’re someone special to him, he’s going to take things really slow with you. If they’re looking for something serious, they’re not going to play around.

1 Pisces: He’ll Try And Ghost You But Won’t Be Able To Resist Staying Away From You

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Pisces guys tend to be the most romantic guys you’ll ever meet. These are the guys who will stare into your eyes and make you feel like you’re the only two people in the whole world. They won’t mince words with you and will be there for you through thick and thin. The big problem with this is that they’re only this way when they’re in a relationship. Before that, they’re so scared of confessing their feelings that they’d rather ghost out on you than jump into something and get hurt. Pisces guys are always afraid that they’ll fall for someone who doesn’t take love as seriously as they do, so they tend to run away. Unfortunately for their master plan, that almost never works for them. They’ll never ghost for long: they’ll end up gravitating back to you soon enough. If you’re looking to get with a Pisces guy, don’t worry so much about the push and pull of him gravitating to you only to push you away. Eventually, they’ll come around.

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